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We are looking for a few good new writers
Want to join our club? Like to write things? Are you a struggling writer in need of an almost global outlet?
Do usually write things that are moderately clever and/or funny?
Or neither, but maybe heartwarming or thought provoking?

Below is the official "Hey Jerk, I want to join your jerky club, jerk" robot application. Take your time filling out the answers, and when you are done turn the quiz over on your desk and have some quiet time (but hit the submit button before you do that).

We'll review all of them and hopefully at least write back and say, "hi".

your name
your email

Where do you live


What kind of stuff do you like to write about

Approximate date of last fist fight you got in

Are you a real busy person?
yes    no

How did you find us?

Last nude human you saw

Do you like reality TV shows?
yes    no

  If yes, which ones:

yes    no

Belle & Sebastian?
yes    no

yes    no

I don't get this
true    false

Turn around. What do you see?

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