We live in NYC
My girlfriend and I have to find a plce to live.
This is my documented moving adventure in one of the most expensive and insane real estate markets. Our adventure formally started April 9 1999

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4.29.99 Troy calls in the morning. He says everything is "go". We meet him at 3pm, and go to the management office and sign 4 tons of paperwork. We get the keys.

4.28.99 Troy has not heard anything. On the way home from work, I decide to stop by Troy's office. No one is there, but as I walk in, the answering machine is on. I hear a woman from a management company telling Troy that we are "tentatively approved", except that they were missing some documents from our fax. We hurriedly re-fax them.

4.27.99 Maria calls late Tuesday. She says we didn't get it. Apparently there is another application ahead of us. We are sad, but hope that maybe the application ahead of us is the one Troy had sent in.
Troy has not heard anything yet.

4.26.99 Both Troy and Maria say we should hear something back today.
4.24.99 12:00pm. We fax our financial life stories to Maria. No word yet from her, though. Troy, the disappearing realtor, calls us back finally. I will drop off our financial stuff with him, too. He says everything looks great on his end. We are exhausted.
4.23.99 Maria calls rachel early today and tells us that our credit report came back and it looks great. She also states that we have the "best" application so far. I scoot out there with a certified check for the deposit, and now we have to send all of our financial stuff. Have not heard a peep from Troy.
4.22.99 We meet with Troy, the local broker. He shows us three places. The last is in this building on Wycoff St. The odd thing is, (#1) he really doesn't think we'll like it, and (#2) it is an open house. The apartment is perfect (1 1/2 BR. Big Windows. Bright. Looks like our old apartment at the Carolina in wilmington). We tell him we want to try for it and fill out the applications and credit report. We leave, but for some reason don't feel comfortable. We walk back up to the apartment and end up meeting another broker, Maria, who we also apply with.
4.20.99 The other person got the HUGE apartment. We are quite sad.
4.19.99 Landlord is now on Long Island, and hasn't had a chance to do anything. Asks that we call back Tuesday afternoon.
4.18.99 Landlord of "HUGE" place says to call him back monday afternoon. He has one person already who has applied for it, but there is some delay. We are in the second position.
4.17.99 Rachel goes to stoop sale, and finds out apartment is for rent. 2BR, $1300, near the base of the Brooklyn Bridge. She describes it as "HUGE!!". Will talk to landlord tonight.
4.15.99 Small 1BR on Pineapple and Hicks. Very nice. Very small. $1150. No fee, I think.
4.15.99 Saw a 1 bedroom on Smith Street near the Carrol Street 'F' train stop. $1050/month. Fairly nice, but broker wanted a fee of $1800. We passed.
4.10.99 Spent afternoon on village voice web site.
4.9.99 The apartment we had really been wishing for had the rent jacked up to $1600. Crap!

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