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Car crash
We drive fast and tight. You have to keep the intervals between the trucks small, so civilian traffic doesn't mix in, and you have to move fast, to make yourself a harder target. Sometimes, speed and distance works against us.
Somewhere in the front of this convoy, someone slammed on the breaks, and everyone piled up behind him. To avoid rear ending each other, some of the trucks were forced to jack-knife off the road. Some didn't get a chance.

In this picture, you can't really see how much damage the Humvee took. The front end is non-existent, completely crushed, engine and all. The only thing that saved the passengers was the two tons of steel armor that surrounds the crew compartment. All of the passengers, five of them, were air lifted off this scene for medical attention. The one you see on the ground broke both legs, and was sent home.

If you look to the upper right hand corner of the image, you see a red car that was completely destroyed by the crash. This was a ten truck pile up. Three tankers, the one humvee and that red civilian car weren't driveable when it was over, so they had to be left behind. Luckily for us, there was another unit on hand to secure the vehicles in place, otherwise they would have been immediately looted and set on fire. I don't know what happened to drivers of the red car, I can't imagine they survived this crash.

Sunday, July 11, 2004
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