Three Gunners
We pulled over in this compound for some rest during the mission in Fallujah, and took the opportunity to get down out of the turret and take some pictures. This is a rare sight that you are witnessing. Here are the three gunners in my squad, SPC Merrill, SPC Vickery, and me, SPC Kinsella, on the ground and NOT in our turrets. This had never happened before, and has never happened since.

Several ways you can tell we are gunners, even though we are not in our turrets. One, goggles on the helmet. Two, we are bundled up like it's February in New Hampshire (it's cold in the turret). Three, clean boots - we don't stand on the ground very often. Four, it's hard to tell in this picture, but our sidearms (M9 9mm pistol) is on our chest, not in a drop leg holster. Five, Shoulder pads, that's a gunner thing. Six, we simply look better than everyone else.

Side Note:
See all the water? It rained a lot in November and December. That sucked.
(Remember, I ride with half my body sticking out of the roof of the truck - see the truck in the background, that's usually me standing in the turret.

Special Side Note:
That's my truck, 11C, in the background. If you look close - really close, you can see the flak vest that I "acquired" hanging off the back shield.
Added protection is a good thing.

Another Special Side Note:
This is the same compound where I took my Chewbacca picture.

Monday, January 24, 2005
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