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Do you ever have trouble opening an attachment from a coworker who is “computer-challenged”? Is your mother always sending you pictures of puppies that take 45 minutes to download? Does your boss have trouble opening the Access database with all the customer records that you send him every day? Do files transferred from the Macs in your creative department always seem to get mangled when opened on your sales groups PC’s? Well now there is hope for all computer retards out there.

happyrobot USA brings you the .TARD file format. A new way to store data so that EVERYONE can use it.

the .TARD file format is a multipurpose multi-application and multi-os file format for storage and retrieval of data of any type under any circumstances. It can be opened in any application and saved and still be read back into any other application. .TARD files can contain databases, to do lists, contact information, pornography or other types of photographic material, even word processing documents.

This format is a highly compact data structure capable of being emailed without being compressed, and still not diminishing network performance, no matter how much data is contained in the file. .TARD files can be password protected, but the password is ALWAYS the file opener's birthday.

.TARD filenames can have any character in them, including extra periods, and even pictures.

The only drawback to the .TARD file format is that the file must carry the .TARD extension. While we know we are alienating the majority of our client base by putting a requirement this stringent on this technology, we see no alternative currently. We are even now, working with Microsoft, RedHat, and Apple to have patches to their popular operating systems correct this issue.

produced by mattyJ / happyrobot development team