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let me state for the record that i don't believe i have ever drank the sweet exiler that is king cobra but have on many occasions enjoyed schlitz malt liquor, mickeys, johnny 3 legs, and even olde english 800. so, there may be some insider king cobra information that i may be missing when i view this ad.

this is an ad from king cobra's new campaign which revolves around the gimmick of peeling off a label on the can and possibly winning a prize. the prize is a 30 minute phone card, which is pretty funny to win while drinking malt liquor. i wonder if you get the phone card right then and there? can you imagine drinking a lot of king cobra and then having a phone card that allowed you to call anyone in the usa for free for 30 minutes? i know that whenever i drink and i have my cell phone, the chances of me harassing my friends at 4:00am are increased tenfold... and i can't imagine what would happened if i was drinking the souped up concoction they call the cobra. look out kristen!

ok, back to the ad. now, the only reason i know this is that i looked it up on a beer marketing website and they had a series of press releases about it. otherwise, this is a completely puzzling ad. let's review the copy, shall we?

  • there might be something for you behind my label. ok. duh, i get it that if you peel the label you might see this girl's private nudie parts. but, on the other hand, is she supposed to be in the can? is that possible? is she some sort of 1950's style dancing beer can? is this can really as big as her, and if so, where can i get one?
  • 30 minutes passes so fast. i totally get the quasi sexual reference, but 30 minutes isn't a bad time. i mean, really, you can get a lot done in 30 minutes if you put your mind to it. and if you are at the point in your life that you are drinking king cobra, wouldn't you think that 30 minutes was plenty of time? it just seems like 30 minutes isn't a bad amount of time... of course we'd all love to have more time, but 30 minutes with a girl who is in/behind a can of beer should be sufficient.
my final issue with this ad is the fact that she is missing her right leg. where is it? i can understand that she might be leaning against the wall, with her right foot on the wall. but that would be stupid.
she has no f*ckin right leg.
king cobra! who is your ad agency?