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Matt Johnson Web Site

(words by rachel)

Our Matt Johnson is not happy with his given name. Reason being is that there are so many Matt Johnsons in the world. I decided to do some research and see how many other Matt Johnsons are on the web and how they fared against Our Matt Johnson. The following are the other Matt Johnsons I found, and while I'm sure they are fine fellows, I believe they are no match for Our Matt Johnson.

[22 years old ;single] Well, What can I really say for myself? I spent most of my younger life in Poway, CA. A rather interesting place if you ask me. Meeting several of my friends that have now drifted off in to other lives, many I have no contact with. I guess for the main reason I CAN'T FIND THEM!
My name is Matt Johnson and I go by many nicknames but I usually go by the nicknames of Bay, Matt the Mack, Mateo, Magic, and The Hat Kid. I'm 19 years old and attending PVCC right here in Charlottesville, Virginia majoring in Electronics Technology.Meeting people on the Internet is probably the coolest thing I like to do on the Internet. My favorite article of clothing would have to be the hat (I love Kangol's). I wear hats so often people think I'm trying to hide some kind of a baldness, but no I'm not.
Assistant Coach Johnson, born in San Diego and raised in Honolulu, is a 1989 graduate of Campbell High School on Oahu. He enjoys working out, reading and playing beach volleyball in his spare time. Matt is also assistant coach for the Iolani Schools' girls varsity volleyball team.
Well, lets see, what is there to say about myself ... My name is Matt Johnson, I am 21 years old, I go to Valley Christian Center, and I am engaged to be married in October of this year. I also have two cats that are our families pride and joy. In 1993, I moved to Idaho where I met my fiancee Danyelle and I had the chance to work at Silverwood Theme Park, the last theme park that still has nightly airshows! (I love planes by the way.)
Majors: Biology Minor: Chemistry Birthday: 10-15-75 Parents: Stanley and Sonya Johnson Hometown: Stamford, Nebraska Sports: Doane Football Team for 1 year Honors: Dean's List for 6 semesters. DKP fraternity member.
Hey, it's me! I'm currently attending Wayne State College, I've worked for Thrifty Nickel Want Ads of Lincoln, Nebraska and won first place in Alabama Penman Short Story Contest. In my family we have my dad, Ed, a teacher at Wayne State College; my mom Crystal, my two brothers Nathan and Jonathan. There's also Peanut Butter, the guinea pig and M.C. Hamster. M.C. just had a very serious operation! We noticed he developed a very large lump on his underside, and it started bleeding! We had to take him all the way to the Norfolk Veterinary Clinic. It seems he got a splinter stuck in him, and it caused an absess of bleeding. Fortunately, the vet fixed it up and disinfected the wound; he says that M.C. should be back to his old self in a day or two. Yay!