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what is up with
those damn 4 frames pics
in your photofun section?

you have to love the nickelodeon (viacom, eww!) photo blaster. it is a "quad shot" camera meaning that it will shoot four frames per "normal" frame of 35mm film. it quadruples the amount of images you get per roll of film! and it looks quite wacky, which can't hurt. (any camera that has faux-goo as part of the ergonomic grip is pretty cool)

we have had ours for about three months and it has been quite fun. i usually load it up with kodak t400 (cn) black and white film and have got some really cool results. i also shot fuji 800 print film for color, and was very happy with the results (the extra speed helped). my only complaint, naturally is that the flash is very basic, so you have to keep within it's stated distance limitations. you also have to be aware of your exsposures keeping in mind that when they are printed you can get some crappy results if one frame is bright sunlight, and the other is shade. oh well.

but otherwise, they are damn fun to play with. i would love to shoot a wedding with one. last i checked, freestyle camera was running low on them, so BUY ONE now!

see a sample?