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makes me want to watch this movie .... over and over and over
Drop the Zero. Get with the Hero.

There's no excuse to be skinny!

A simple rule I have had to rearrange my life around
It seemed counterproductive to have a moist chicken.

Why is one of these not about quidditch?
Poor SoJo

2nd to last one.
The New Star of Instagram

sweet lord, my life is now complete.
Cat Wearing a Shark Costume Rides a Roomba Vacuum Round and Round a Kitchen

it's got both your name and the C-train. muchos amore.
Louis C.K. hates the C train

Dammit Rich, I read the comments.

I loved my visit to NC. Other than some bad traffic, we had a fantastic time there.

Why does it seem like North Carolina is just filled with assholes, now?

Not 100% asshole, definitely. But maybe l...
NC upset by NYT article on their crazy government

these things are all over HI. Populations boom and bust - they are prob just working towards their population equilibrium in FL. Or they are going to take over. Which, like, sure.
Now in Florida: Giant African Land Snails

Nice calming electronic guitar on the main page too!

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March.11.2014 : Tuesday
 "Hi. I'm David Cross."
Link: LOUIS CK on MTV 1990's - YouTube
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February.27.2014 : Thursday
 All the Carpets of the Airports
Airports! Carpet!
Link: Carpets for Airports
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02.24.2014 : Monday
 By the time I get to Arizona
But not you, Arizona. You're willing to ostracize and marginalize LGBT people to score political points with the extreme right of the Republican Party.
Link: Razing Arizona - Allegiance
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 Matt Bevin is an Idiot
"a person may want to define themselves as being married to one of their children so that they could then in fact pass on certain things to that child financially and otherwise."
Link: Republican Senate Candidate: Same Sex Marriage Will Lead To Parents Marrying Kids | Crooks and Liars
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02.14.2014 : Friday
 Get your De La Soul today!
"It's about allowing our fans who have been looking and trying to get a hold of our music to have access to it," De La Soul member Posdnuous
Link: De La Soul to Make Entire Catalog Available for Free for 25 Hours | Music News | Rolling Stone
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 In fact, they are "like a newlywed couple every day," says Jim Bob.
Yea. OK. Um. Yea.
Link: Michelle Duggar's secret to a happy marriage with Jim Bob: Never say no to sex.
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02.13.2014 : Thursday
 Yelp Reviews Read by Bill Kurtis
This should just be a regular podcast
Link: Bill Kurtis Yelp Reviews by The Feed on SoundCloud - Hear the world's sounds
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 This Door is Awesome
Link: Ingenious Door Opens and Closes Like Folded Paper | Colossal
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 Western culture is under threat from Muslims or something!
Professor Henry Brubaker said: "Everyone keeps saying western culture is under threat from Muslims or something, so we thought we'd better check. Turns out it's not."
Link: Western culture still very much there, say experts
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02.12.2014 : Wednesday
 "What the f**k? You guys have a Shake Shack here?"
Link: Twitter / TheDailyShow: 'What the f**k? You guys ...
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 8-foot tall traffic control robots
Link: Woman Solves Traffic Problems In The Congo With A Giant Robot
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02.11.2014 : Tuesday
 Oh, right. Nigeria still sucks if you're gay.
Since Nigeria's president, Goodluck Jonathan, signed a harsh law criminalizing homosexuality throughout the country last month, arrests of gay people have multiplied, advocates have been forced to go underground, some people fearful of the law have sought asylum overseas and news media demands for a crackdown have flourished.
Link: Wielding Whip and a Hard New Law, Nigeria Tries to 'Sanitize' Itself of Gays -
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02.10.2014 : Monday
 Wait. AOL is a still in business?
That "distressed baby" who Tim Armstrong blamed for benefit cuts? She's my daughter.
Link: Tim Armstrong blames 'distressed babies' for AOL benefit cuts. He's talking about my daughter.
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 I can't believe I watched them all
Link: Collection - Weird Japanese Commercials
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 Scroll down for more of "The Hole"
The roads and homes are built on landfill over Spring Creek. The community is cut off on all sides, on the west by Linden Plaza Houses, which were built atop a subway yard; Conduit Boulevard on the north and east; and Linden Boulevard on the south.
Link: ELDERT LANE: BROOKLYN-QUEENS LINE | | Forgotten New YorkForgotten New York
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 Let's Go The Hole!
Ugh. Saddest place ever. "The Hole" is a neighborhood on the border of Brooklyn & Queens and may have the most depressing StreetView in the history of the world.
Click around!
Link: 133-99 Emerald St - Google Maps
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02.07.2014 : Friday
 Logic vs. Creationism
Link: Logic vs. Creationism - ArgueLab
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02.06.2014 : Thursday
 Dude Chilling Park
There is some debate in the community about whether or not the name is in reference to a statue in the park, or people who like to "hang out" there.
Link: 'Dude Chilling Park' sign approved by Vancouver Park Board - BC |
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 No Spoilers!
Link: Some idiots only halfway through first season of The Wire
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02.05.2014 : Wednesday
 Man in underwear. Sleepwalking. Snow.
Link: Business Insider: There Is A Terrifying Statue Of A Nearly Naked Man On Wellesley College's Campus
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 zombies are known for
Link: And what part of the country are you from?
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02.03.2014 : Monday
 The Edges of San Francisco
Nobody can deny that the best parts of San Francisco are largely contained in the eclectic innards of the popular neighborhoods, but there is something to be said for the outside edges.
Link: A Beautiful, Nearly Complete Look Around the Edges of San Francisco - The Bold Italic - San Francisco
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 There's no excuse to be skinny!
Link: Vintage Weight Gain Ads II Retronaut
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02.02.2014 : Sunday
 I Loved Your Wedding...
The author... she seems familiar.
Link: I Loved Your Wedding But Please Stop Telling Us to Get Married |
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02.01.2014 : Saturday
 The best Super Bowl coverage I've seen to date.
Brilliant. Really insightful coverage of this year's Super Bowl.
Link: Breaking Madden: The Super Bowl, in which the machine bleeds to death -
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January.31.2014 : Friday
 I've thrown a lot of no-hitters, and I've never had a hit song
Link: MAGNET Exclusive: GBV's Bob Pollard Deals on Decades-Old Diamond Dominance
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 "The Simpsons" Writers Reunion
Ah. This is nice.
Link: "The Simpsons" Writers Reunion Serious Jibber-Jabber with Conan O'Brien
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01.30.2014 : Thursday
 Drop the Zero. Get with the Hero.
Link: Best Quotes from Cool As Ice - YouTube
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 Beach Sand Art
This is stupendous.
Link: Andres Amador Arts
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01.29.2014 : Wednesday
 Stay Mr. Hannity, Stay
Link: Sean of the Fled - Stay Mr. Hannity, Stay - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 01/27/14 - Video Clip | Comedy Central
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