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October.23.2002 : Wednesday
 UDAP Pepper Power Anti-Bear Spray
UDAP says:
"If a bear is charging, begin spraying when it gets within 40 feet. It will run into the fog. If a bear is coming at you along with a strong wind, you may wish to wait until it is quite close before spraying."

I might add:
If a bear charges you, empty the contents of your bowels and bladder into your pants. Do your best to will your useless, quivering legs to carry you away, even though they won't. Shriek and cry like a frightened baby girl. Brace yourself, as some victims find the sound of bear teeth grinding against their skulls to be "alarming" and "unpleasant."

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:r   10/24/2002 10:20
I like the photograph of the bear attack guy. looks like they poured Ragu on his head.

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