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June.15.2004 : Tuesday
 Dick Cheney is a robot
This entry will require you to *gasp* get up and go outside - no easy hyperlink clicking this time.

This week's Weekly World News has a great photo of Dick Cheney giving a thumbs-up while peeling back his skin to reveal circuit boards.
The headline is: Dick Cheney is a robot.

It's a really great photo. As soon as I can score a digital version, I'll post it. In the meantime, go to the corner store and see for yourself.
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julie   6/15/2004 11:19
This indeed is a great picture. Apparently, all of Cheney's trips to the doctor are to recharge his circuits. They seem to have missed one though, he is still claiming Sadam is llinked to Al Queda.

pony   6/16/2004 12:22
that link is not live.

:r   6/16/2004 13:55
yea, the WWW site isn't even up anymore.. it's just a survey with a promise to be back in the future.

mike   6/18/2004 08:23
small image here:

fcku   9/10/2004 08:20
This jerkoff Cheney is a robot and its code is stuck in an infinite loop. How many times has this asshole repeated that same tired old Iraq/9/11 connection crap? The asshole doesn't even offer any proof.

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