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June.15.2004 : Tuesday
 Remarks by GWB at Ceremony for the Unveiling of the Clinton Portraits
There's something... nice (?) about GWB welcoming the Clintons to the White House to unveil their official portraits.
You can read the whole speech on the White House website.
spotted on gothamist
Link: Remarks by the President at Ceremony for the Unveiling of the Clinton Portraits
» rich  · 13:16 »politics comments [4] 


chris   6/15/2004 13:24
"We're really glad you're here and I know the President is, as well. "
wait.. isn't HE the President? What, is he going all Rickey Henderson on us now?

:r   6/15/2004 14:32
yea, I saw that as well. WTF?

matty j   6/15/2004 18:06
actually, anyone who has ever held the office of the president is entitled to be referred to as "the President" or "Mr. President" until they die. So GWB was probably referring to Clinton.

As much as I love to bash Shrub, I'm thinking this one wasn't a gaffe.

matty j   6/15/2004 18:18
Well what do you know? After posting that, I looked it up, and aparently Miss Manners says that it's just a prevailing convention, and that it is in fact WRONG to address an ex-president as "Mr. President".

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