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June.24.2004 : Thursday
 Apple ipod posters spoofed in NYC subways
"A spoof of Apple Computer's fluorescent iPod posters commenting on the recent Iraqi prisoner-abuse scandal started cropping up around New York last week. The posters aesthetically mimic the colorful iPod ads but promote 'iRaq' with a silhouette of the memorable hooded prisoner hooked up to electric wires. The tagline reads, '10,000 volts in your pocket, guilty or innocent,'" MTV reports.
Link: 10,000 volts in your pocket (be sure to see the photo)
» eric w  · 10:32 »iraq comments [5] 


:r   6/24/2004 11:30
almost funnier are the idiotic comments. holy shit.
My fave is the very first one:
Hmm... don't know if that's gonna actually help Apple, or not - I mean, it does require people to know Apple's Ads to recognize what they're doing. Then again, it also depicts Apple as somehow being tied in with the Iraqi prison abuse...

"Apple as somehow being tied in with the Iraqi prison abuse"
It's a Spoof muthafucker.

mr. xls   6/24/2004 12:31
OMG RICH!!!11!!!1!!! YOU USED THE MF WERD!!!11!!1!!!

stu   6/24/2004 12:40
Oy. Following your lead, I made the mistake of wading into their comments section. I feel so much happier about the general quality of happyrobot right now.

Who knew Mac users were so conservative, though?

chris   6/24/2004 13:16
Gotta love the dorito guy, though.

logboy    8/4/2004 14:05
you can buy them : www.politicalgraphi
...i found them with google...

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