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July.01.2004 : Thursday
 but we broke up with you!
Saddam's all actin' like Iraq never broke up with him. Gawd, could he BE more desperate?
Link: it's not you, it's us....
» lisa may  · 10:28 »iraq comments [6] 


:r   7/1/2004 11:19
I hear he made them a mix tape and left it on the stoop with some flowers.

lisa   7/1/2004 11:36
i heard he has a straw wrapper in his pocket from the burrito place where iraq had lunch yesterday.

dorf   7/1/2004 13:00
Recipient of the award for world's worst public defender assignment: Tim Hughes.

hot97 dj   7/1/2004 14:50
HOT97's Midnight Storm continues... This is 'Baby Take me Back', and it's a dedication to Iraq from "S.H."... Oh yeah.

stu   7/1/2004 16:28
I suppose he's holding out hope because it looks like Iraq and the Yanks fight all the time--like their relationship will never last, and they'll be willing to take him back. Iraq apparently likes abusive men.

drunken iraq   7/1/2004 16:40
You don't know him like I do. He's tender and funny when it's just the two of us. I know, I know.. he hit me those few times, but he was really sorry...
I don't know. Can I borrow you cell for a minute?

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