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October.13.2004 : Wednesday
 Sinclair Broadcast Group's "special news event"
the Sinclair Broadcast Group, the largest independent operator of television stations in the United States, has ordered all 62 of its stations to preempt regular programming next week to air a documentary that is harshly critical of Sen. John Kerry's anti-war activities in the early 1970s.

Ah, media conglomerates! The Lehrer News Hour had a chat with the head of Sinclair and an advisor from the DNC - click the link for the story and the transcript.
Also, you can check and see if Sinclair owns the stations in your town! Local News Networks or all the stations they own
Link: Sinclair Broadcast Group's 'special news event'
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dred pirate davey   10/13/2004 09:53
as a member of clan sinclair, i must state that i have no connection or affliation to this group. they disgrace my ancestory. yuk.

pony   10/13/2004 09:54
Wow, I can't believe this CRAP!

:r   10/13/2004 10:03
Sadly, they own the major station in my hometown... the one i grew up watching and would ride my bike their offices and think, "oh boy! TV station!"
douche bags.

:r   url  10/13/2004 10:43
you know what irks me the most is the only protest is coming from the Dems. I would hope that if Fox or UPN or ABC was going to air F9/11, that we'd all get cranky as well.

shame on the republican party.

contact info for complaining:

lisa   10/13/2004 10:46
oh no! they own the station here in raleigh that airs reruns "the simpsons" and "gilmore girls". this is the worst news ever.

pony   10/13/2004 15:13

pony   10/13/2004 15:19
The thing about Moore is that he does not purport to be a journalist. He creates propaganda (albeit funny propaganda, but there is no questioning his motivation). But these guys deliver propaganda and pretend it is NEWS, while ignoring all the basic tenents of journalism, in particular to be a non-partisan in your work and in the public eye. Otherwise you are in conflict of interest and should be taken off the story.
To me, this is as extreme as amending the constitution.

:r   10/13/2004 20:53
contact their advertisers

update   url  10/14/2004 16:12
The Federal Communications Commission won't intervene to stop a broadcast company's plans to air a critical documentary about John Kerry's anti-Vietnam War activities on dozens of TV stations, the agency's chairman said Thursday.

``Don't look to us to block the airing of a program,'' Michael Powell told reporters. ``I don't know of any precedent in which the commission could do that.''

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