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October.26.2004 : Tuesday
 Dead Letter Office - is that joke George Bush site. Apparently real Bush campaigners have been sending email (via the internets) to folks but have been using the wrong domain name. Naturally they are posting the emails on their site.
so, instead of sending it to to Joe.Smith@GeorgeWBu, they send it to Joe.Smith@GeorgeWBu by mistake.
Thanks to Jessica!
Link: Don Povia loves Jenna Bush
» rich  · 22:47 »politics comments [8] 


ish   url  10/27/2004 09:44
Some actual embarrasing documents came out of this -- a list of Florida voters the GOP is going to challenge. Man, does the GOP have a TLD problem!

jb   10/27/2004 13:37
I particularly enjoyed the "crack smoking" email exchange by the same GOP organizers that speculated on dating Jenna Bush. That plus now I know 25 grand will buy me a photo with the prez.

:r   10/27/2004 17:56
OK. Ish, per your article...
Why would the political parties have workers at polling places in the first place?


:r   url  10/27/2004 18:11's feedback section is great - all these people writing in who think this it he actual white house site...

"I have forwarded this ad of yours to the Pope in the Vatican in Rome"...

"The website address ...
dletteroffice is being furnished to left wing media by Randi Rhodes on the radio RIGHT NOW. You need to shut down that page IMMEDIATELY. It provides access to all."

stu   10/27/2004 21:38
Political parties have workers at the polling places for many reasons, both legitimate and il-. Primarily, you have your workers there to make sure people can vote, so there's no voter intimidation going on, no literacy tests, nothing like that. It's a hold-over from the 50s and 60s.

Conversely, if you're a Republican (mostly), you have workers there for voter intimidation, literacy tests, things like that.

But ostensibly, it's a legitimate and honorable thing for political parties to hire people to make sure the voting process goes smoothly and so no one cheats.

idiots part 1   10/28/2004 12:53
NAME = Thandi
MESSAGE = What state is the White House located in? This was the question my niece was asked to answer in school. My first thought was Washington but that is on the west coast so from there I did not know. Can you please tell me what state dc is actually in. Thank you.

idiots part 2   10/28/2004 12:54
SUBJECT = I reported you
MESSAGE = FYI - I reported you to AOL and others about your illegal hijacking of GeorgeWBush on AOL - Nothing like a liberal - you cannot handle the truth so you either break the law or go to activist judges to by-pass the law - it is funny to see how you are sooooo angry when you are losing

:r   10/28/2004 13:10
after reading their 'feedback' page... it just makes me sad. people are so so so so freakin' stoooopid.
(both 'sides')

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