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November.09.2004 : Tuesday
 Why Americans Hate Democrats
Depressed liberals analyze what ails them
Slate presents a whole series of columns about why America hates Democrats. Smashing.
Link: Why Americans Hate Democrats
» rich  · 11:02 »politics comments [10] 


curiouser   11/9/2004 12:11
yeah, I've noticed that "liberal" is the ultimate insult. no one wants to be called that - it means you are unelectable. why?

pony   11/9/2004 13:25
Liberal is the new feminist.

al   11/9/2004 16:25
Liberal means no standards and that "morals" equate with do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want and screw anyone who might object. Don't teach values either since that is an imposition on "freedom." Next, criminals go free, and murder is a basic human right. Liberals don't understand that restrictions on people protect them, too. That's why they aren't getting elected. No foundation, no goals, no rules, ducks not in a row, just one big free-for-all and that scares people who understand freedom is not just a word.

mac :r   11/9/2004 16:40
don't non-liberals want less government... i.e. less laws?
less restrictions? less regulations?

don't traditional liberals want restrictions on people? wouldn't liberals want to restrict your calling your neighbor a rascist name? or restrict a company from building a factory in protected wetlands?

if i was a republican CEO of a company, wouldn't i want less restrictions on how i run my business? less restrictions on how much i pay my workers? less restrictions on those pesky workplace rules? less restrictions on using overseas labor?

hmmm. something to mull over while i should be working.

dorf   11/9/2004 16:40
Uh, Al, we're talking "liberal" here, not Anarchist. Yes, liberals are all for murder and child rape. That's the problem.

ted kennedy   11/9/2004 16:46
I sure do love baby stabbing and father murdering.
Who's up for some underage date raping? No one? OK, how about some speeding in my car?

I hate laws!
(but, sadly, not cake)

grandpa   11/9/2004 16:48
If it wasn't for those damn law breaking liberals, I'd still have my slaves and my wife wouldn't be able to vote!!! Damn them to hell!

mac :r   11/9/2004 16:54
but back to the main point, it is funny how "liberal" is now a curse.
Now, how about the articles in question? did we all read it?

dorf   11/9/2004 16:59
I didn't have time. I was too busy committing murders up here in Liberal, Massachusetts. Whee!

pony   11/9/2004 18:04
I read the first couple. They are really great, thoughtful pieces. Y'all should read them, they kind of make you choke on your rhetoric.

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