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November.11.2004 : Thursday
 Bad Vodka + Brita Filter = Good Vodka
Our theory is that a simple brita water filter can be used to make bad vodka, into good. In our case this meant turning a Vladimir, into a Ketel One
For Stu.
Link: Oh My God It Burns!
» rich  · 13:49 »food & drink comments [11] 


sir drinks-a-lot   11/11/2004 13:59
I heard some mooks on the radio once pimping their filter system. Nice to know I can give my money to a big corporation instead of some frat dudes.

chris   11/11/2004 14:00
Sowho's thinking PVC Pipe Party?

dredpiratedaveyania   11/11/2004 14:12
i say DA! to that!

victoria   11/11/2004 14:48
shi-it. Grey Goose costs $32.00 for a liter. You can get a Brita filter AND a big-ass bottle of Vladimir for that much, can you reuse the filter? that would make economic sense! :)

stu   11/11/2004 14:56


This will save me hundreds of dollars.

I wonder how it works for other alcohols.

n8   11/11/2004 14:58
my new street name is "Science Cracker"

gwb   11/11/2004 15:57
Fellow americans... this is your October Surprise.

jessica   11/11/2004 16:54
Even more fun, you can send your friends and family to fetch themselves a nice ice cold glass of water. Mwahahahh

sara brown   11/26/2005 03:26
There are some folks making an actual filter for vodka, but is is way bigger than a brita and is supposed to last way longer. I have not tried it, but it is called a vodkastick, or something like that. I don't know if it works for anything other than vodka, but I'd think that it would.

arun   1/26/2006 15:47
But can you then use your Brita for water? Or will tapo water now taste like Vodka?

arun   1/26/2006 15:49
By the way, "tapo" is a typo

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