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November.15.2004 : Monday
 Fallujah In Pictures
i saw this at and felt it necessary to share it with you. i won't comment on the pictures because i don't want to degregate my feelings. you may not want to pull this up at work. there are many pictures of dead bodies (iraqis and marines) and wounded children.

our government has done a lot to shield us from the reality of this war and especially the seige of fallujah. there's a huge disconnect between the rhetoric and the reality of what's going on.

and i'll just leave it at that.
Link: Pictures You Won't See On TV
» dp davey  · 21:53 »iraq comments [3] 


vera   11/16/2004 02:35
this war is so unbelievably wrong that it's unfathomable how it can happen. I don't know which is worse; the wounded Iraq babies or the baby-faced American boys who died over there. It's all bad and there are no words to describe the horrendousness of it...

unfotgetfull   11/16/2004 11:02

lp   11/20/2004 01:58
who are you telling to STFU? The war, or the commentor or the poster of the link? I thought this link was to let us look at reality instead of what the government or media wants us to see.

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