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January.04.2005 : Tuesday
 If you're looking for a way to help tsunami victims
My friend Annabel lives in Indonesia (she runs a dive shop in Bali) and has been working with an organization called IDEP. IDEP is an Indonesian nonprofit organization that has been doing community development there since 1998. Now they are putting their resources into getting aid to Aceh, the hardest-hit community in Indonesia. On their website you can read daily updates of what they are doing; as of this writing they are loading a vessel with supplies.

This organization is on the ground, now, and has local knowledge of what needs to be done. I would encourage you to visit their website to learn more, and make a donation if you can.

You can also read the blog of a team member.
Link: How you can help
» Ishbadiddle  · 16:42 comments   



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