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January.07.2005 : Friday
 Worst Mix Tapes. Ever.
Yep, "Macho Duck" by Donald Duck is on there.
Link: I bet Klutch could top these mixes...
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epk   1/7/2005 09:01
I am always happy to see people putting "Eating is Fun, Eating is Serious" on tapes.

corky   1/7/2005 09:40
I ate too much. Now I am delerious. Eating is FUN!

chris   1/7/2005 09:56
Acutally, I think Klutch wrote "Tear Their) Syphilitic Vaginas to Pieces".

:r   url  1/7/2005 10:31
ah, corky.
he has a website.

(OT here, but when the heck was this guy's show on TV? I honestly have never seen what he looked like until I went to his site. It's like some hole in time that I totally missed.)

k   1/7/2005 12:41
i think it was mid 80's i am sure you were out chasing girls then - no one wanted to stay home and watch family TV shows ... that boy is weird i use to see him shop at Tower and i thought he was a bitter child star - i am glad he is still doing something

chris   1/7/2005 13:18
k, are you talking about Corky?

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