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January.12.2005 : Wednesday
 All Good Things Must Come To An End...
The hunt for biological, chemical and nuclear weapons in Iraq has come to an end nearly two years after President Bush ordered U.S. troops to disarm Saddam Hussein.
The CIA is finished counting angels on the head of a pin. For those of you who feel a sense of emptiness and loss, why not turn your attention to our new wonderful gulag system!

America: we're gonna make ya smile!
Link: Danka Shein. Baghdad Danka Shein
» dp davey  · 09:53 comments [1] 


:r   1/13/2005 09:35
Chief weapons inspector Charles Duelfer said Wednesday, January 12, 2005, that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and had not made any since 1991. Duelfer will deliver a final edition of a report on Iraq's weapons next month. The declaration ended the two-year search, which cost millions of dollars.
man oh man. would this of changed anything if the 'search' ended before November?

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