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February.09.2005 : Wednesday
 Jeff Gannon & Talon News
I have read a few things about Jeff Gannon recently - he's an alleged reporter who loves to ask GWB softball questions at press conferences.
MediaMatters has been investigating who Gannon is (and his news organization) and who he really works for.
Gannon is now off-line. d'oh!
Link: Jeff Gannon & Talon News Overview at WhiskeyBar
» rich  · 10:58 »politics comments [3] 


mike    url  2/9/2005 12:45
as of today, jeff gannon resigned.


not jeff   2/14/2005 11:32
It's great that he also owned the domain.

:r   url  2/24/2005 20:59
Jeff is back!

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