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September.14.2005 : Wednesday
 Have a robot call your friends
OK. First, I can't vouch that these phone numbers won't be collected by telemarketers... but once you get over that hurdle the ability to write a message and have a robot read it to someone over the phone is just too great not to play with (I used it to call co-workers).

Notice also that you can set the number you want to show up as the Caller ID number. Thx to Scott for passing it to Eric who then used it to call Mrs. Robot who then called me to say that a robot was in our apartment and was using the phone.
Try not to waste ALL day with this.
Link: NotifyPhoneBasic
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thewillhelm   9/14/2005 08:53
And make sure to put a number in that VoiceID spot! I think 0 makes for a 'normal' woman, whereas 5 is a fantastically droll-sounding British guy. There's one with a French accent, but I forget the number.

michele   url  9/14/2005 11:23
I can't get this to work. I think I'm missing something...

:r   9/14/2005 15:02

Yea, last night the robot voice wasn't doing anything.. it would just call and then hang up. The fun part was using the caller ID part to make it appear that say... umm... my boss was calling my co-workers and hanging up on them.
Or maybe calling someone and leaving the White House's number as the caller ID.

Not that I would encourage some sort of wire-esque fraud.

:r   10/6/2005 17:52
They now shorten the message you type, and also read the IP address of your computer at the end.
not nearly as fun.

mike hunt   8/7/2006 08:50
hey there cutie lemme stick it in your booty.

mike   10/27/2006 08:04
hello there Mike

matt   5/21/2007 03:54
hey can i use your bathroom i gotta wash my nuts

matt   6/20/2007 22:13
I l ove you

lauren   7/25/2007 01:47
hello butthead!

chris   4/1/2008 15:23
you are gay because you cannot make personal call at your gay place of business

chase   6/9/2008 14:52
hello i heard there is a wasp in the house. I'm the one who let him in i will keep in contact.

brad   4/1/2009 15:42

dan   4/25/2009 21:39
this is the dog. get out of my buisness

ummmmmmm   5/28/2009 14:55
hello i heard there is a wasp in the house. I'm the one who let him in i will keep in contact.

steph   11/15/2009 13:28
i need a robot to rub in the fact that the bengals are better than the steelers while this game is still going on

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