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October.27.2005 : Thursday
 Poor Harriet
Just a short newsbreak for those that don't keep up at all....
Link: Harriet, We Hardly...
» blaine  · 10:37 »politics comments [7] 


blaine   10/27/2005 10:40
please tell me that people who live outside of DC actually care....please?

dorf   10/27/2005 11:01
Of course we care, but speaking at least for myself, I saw this coming at least a week ago. I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner.

jb   10/27/2005 11:05
She would have had to reveal all that ugly torture and treason business, which would have thrown the country into depair. Good for her to back out.

stu   10/27/2005 11:11
I care, but I live in NYC, so I don't think I count, precisely.

Still, I can't get too excited about this. She was withdrawn because she wasn't crazy enough for Bush's base, rather than because she was dangerously unqualified. The next one will be crazier. Unless Bush doesn't last long enough to get to the next one.

3pk   10/27/2005 11:26
I kind of worry that she was nominated so the next person who comes along seems way better, even if they're vile. However, after the way the Katrina disaster was handled, I'm starting to think that this administration is more clueless than evil (or cluelessly evil?)

of course, that's probably what they want me to think.

blaine   10/27/2005 11:42
No. Evil people are just as hopelessly clueless as good people.

katie   10/27/2005 14:08
3pk, I'm with you. This reeks of strawman. p.s. I care more than I would like to.

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