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August.15.2004 : Sunday
 Flash Mob #7 was great fun!
This was the email I received:
Location: Manhattan
Start time: Thursday, August 14th, 4:10 pm
Duration: 18 hours

(1) At some point during the day, synchronize your watch to

(2) At 4:10pm, shut off all your power. You may need to go to the fuse box to do this.

(3) If you happen to be in a subway train or elevator, you will be stuck, but you can still particiapate. Just pretend that you are someone who is stuck in an elevator or subway and be slightly annoyed.

(4) After all your power is off, walk down the countless flights of stair while holding the hand of the 70 year old woman who was feeling faint. When she says, “I am sorry to be a nuisance”, say, “it's all right – not to worry”.

(5) Once out of your building, disperse.
Link: Check out my pics!!
» rich  · 10:23 comments [21] 


?   8/15/2003 11:09
This was the best MOB so far

alberto   url  8/15/2003 15:22
Also known as flashlight mob

????   8/16/2003 00:34
This was no flash mob that is a real event that happened..dont confuse the people trying to figure out what flash mobs are for real flash mobs dont turn of traffic lights or keep innocent people in the heat for no reason. we do what we do for fun.

v   8/16/2003 09:52
you know robot is bigtime when it gets sucked into a pyramid scheme, and it orhcestrates a 50 million strong flash mob

:r   8/16/2003 09:55
Dear "????"
Get. A. Sense. of. Humor.

smrkr   8/16/2003 11:24
AOL user?

vampyr^^(uk)   8/16/2003 11:54
Hey so ok the blackout was a "Real" event. But at least some people have a sense of humor. Sorry you ppl were inconvinienced but you have to laugh or youd go mad. and next time tell the electrician to leave the fusebox alone.

v   8/16/2003 20:10
the iraqi's sure laughed up.

s   8/16/2003 21:53
That's pretty funny :)

:r   8/17/2003 23:06
weeeee! got a link on CheeseBikini!

pony   url  8/18/2003 09:18
The ??? "Don't subvert my subversion" comment had me laughing out loud. Happy Monday, all of you. Yawn.

liz   8/18/2003 12:00
awesomely funny rich! multiple question marks dude, please get a sense of humor. the life you save may be your own.

:(   8/18/2003 13:36
That was kinda stupid

:r   8/18/2003 17:10
i keep getting emails from people for info about flash mobs. as if i am some flash mob organizing person.
funny how the interweb works.

will   url  8/18/2003 19:19
pssst... Mob 6 was the Toys R Us in Times Square event. Blackout mob is a funny idea though. :)

will   8/18/2003 19:20
nevermind, you got it right in the headline. must have just missed a key. cheers.

kitty   8/19/2003 09:47
Dear ???,
"innocent people"?. Who are these innocent people? We are all guilty of over-using electricity.

from portugal   8/23/2003 06:22
Como é que se pode ser tão estúpido???

d   url  8/24/2003 23:36
i got an idea - how about "Flash Mauves" - everyone on the web can make their website only shades of mauve for say an hour. i'm trying it on my blog with "Flash Greyscale" as a test run.
(oh and mr. ??? needs to drink some chamomille tea and chill out)

steve adams   url  8/28/2003 14:25
london seems to have the
same idea..........

Widespread Power Outages In London - BBC

LONDON -(Dow Jones)- London and other parts of the southeastern U.K. are suffering widespread power outages Thursday evening.

Gillian Home, spokeswoman at grid operator National Grid Transco PLC(NYSE:NGG) (NGG) confirmed the outages but couldn't comment further.

"We're trying to get to the bottom of it here," Home said.

BBC reported major disruptions on the London Underground, including evacuatations at some stations. Overland trains were widely disrupted throughout the Southeast, including at Ashford, Kent, a hub for Eurostar cross-channel train services.

BBC cited London electricity operator EdF Energy, a unit of Electricite de France (F.EDF), as saying it "seems that one of the National Grid circuits that feed south London has failed."

:r   url  9/11/2003 00:21
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