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January.26.2009 : Monday
 Why Billy Joel Sucks
Really, it's more complicated than you initially think!

[Full Disclosure: Billy Joel was the first musician I ever saw in concert. I wasn't able to go to the Guns N' Roses concert the previous week. These two facts are pretty much my greatest regrets from my Junior High/High School days, right after never asking J.K. out, choosing instead to hang around and be "such a good friend."]
Link: The Awfulness of Billy Joel, Explained
» Stu  · 09:56 »music comments [10] 


cromulent   1/26/2009 11:08
Whatever, snob. I'm going to listen to Turnstiles now. And since I'm here alone today, am going to turn it UP.

chris   1/26/2009 13:53
This article made my lunch.

(Not literally. Though if it did, that would be awesome. Though it would probably have been something from an Italian restaurant."

Sack daance.

j   1/26/2009 16:15
I neither love nor loathe Billy Joel. He was always just there in the muzak. And that ack-ack-ack song is pretty dumb. I now know what it's called.

:r   1/26/2009 17:30
Billy is laughing at us while sleeping with many beautiful women on large piles of money.
My mother is/was a huge Billy Joel fan. She played the Glass Houses album all through my childhood. I am probably way more familiar with that album that I realize and care to think about.

stu   1/26/2009 18:33
There's also an "Only the good die young" joke to be made here, somewhere, if only I could figure it out.

pony   1/26/2009 22:17
the summer he left his wife for a nurse at the hospital, my friend's dad bought a billy joel cassette, a bottle of sun-in and gradient-lens Vuarnets. He never looked back.

thewillhelm   1/26/2009 22:46
Perhaps a better name for this article would be "Why Billy Joel's LYRICS Suck". I noticed none of his comments were about the music was all about the lyrics.

I was always curious about people who confused the two.

thewillhelm   1/26/2009 22:51
Clarification: So maybe he didn't CONFUSE the two. Perhaps he just thinks Billy Joel SUCKS solely on account of what he perceives to be shitty lyrics. I guess, to many people, the two (music & lyrics) are mutually exclusive. THAT is what I find more curious.

stu   1/27/2009 01:38
The way I think of it is that there's this guy Billy Joel who plays in a band "Billy Joel." It's that band whose lyrics and music I hate. I don't know much about this guy Billy Joel, but the music he makes leads me to believe I probably wouldn't like him all that much. But it's the band Billy Joel that I particularly dislike.

I think it's probably reasons like this, for instance, that John Darnielle performs as "The Mountain Goats" even when it's just him performing. Or Justin Vernon performs as Bon Iver.

stu   1/27/2009 01:43
Though I see that I didn't actually address directly what you were saying. Let me see. I think for a lot of people, lyrics are the easiest way to explain why you like/dislike something. Definitely the easiest thing to write about. And I'd say that Billy Joel is musically passable but lyrically idiotic, so I guess I understand why he'd focus on that. But yes, fair criticism anyway.

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