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April.21.2009 : Tuesday
 I Don't See How This Could Backfire
"A peaceful demonstration of at least a million hey, if we can 10 million, even better but at least one million armed militia men marching on Washington."

So, in summary, that report warning about right wing militias being on the upswing in Obama's America was complete paranoid fantasy on the part of the DHS.
Link: Million Armed Militia Man March On Washington July 4th 2009
» Stu  · 22:11 comments [1] 


stu   4/23/2009 12:54
So the guy who posted this has made it a private video. Because nothing says, "I'm an Internet Sensation That Can Get A Million People Into the Streets" as "private, only my friends can view and comment, after too many people told me it was a stupid idea."

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