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October.23.2003 : Thursday
 Diebold voting machines = election fraud
Diebold voting machines are used in 37 states and provide zero security against election fraud

Yow. Swarthmore students have come across Diebold internal memos that reveal that the company was well aware of their voting machine's flaws, yet sold the equipment anyway. Diebold is now madly suing anyone who mirrors these memos on the web. Should be a fun show to watch.

The main site with the memos:
A good overview from Wired:
» rich  · 09:54 comments [4] 


:r   url  10/23/2003 10:04
we need to google bomb these folks. if you have a website, link to this post (diebold)

query   10/23/2003 11:53
What else Diebold make? I have seen their name on something around here?

eve   10/23/2003 14:02
I think they make safes...

nate   10/24/2003 11:22
they make most ATM machine hardware, too.

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