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December.09.2003 : Tuesday
 Would you place your copious breasts in my mouth?
As seen on every other 'filter' site on the web
"We're here to take your head!"
"I know martial arts. May I kick your ass?"
A practical joker has stirred up trouble by publishing a Japanese-to-English phrase book with incorrect definitions for every phrase!

From the Weekly World News, so you know it's "true"! I do have to give the WWN credit for coming up with some great lines for the story.
Link: Bogus Dictionary Lands Tourists In Trouble!
» rich  · 08:44 comments [3] 


crunchy frog   12/9/2003 09:45
Can Monty Python collect royalties on this?

jb   12/9/2003 10:01
Bouncy bouncy.

suggestion box   12/9/2003 10:04
happyrobot: We're here to take your head!

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