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December.10.2003 : Wednesday
 Come over here!
Disturbing and yet fascinating. I wanna be a part of his next project, so long as it doesn't involve semen on my face.
Link: sperm is good for you.
» tim  · 10:49 comments [4] 


proper woman   12/10/2003 12:12
well, i never!

tim   12/10/2003 12:18
yeah you did baby, yeah you did.

pony   12/10/2003 13:47
sounds like it was a loaded day of shooting. Hope this artist does not blow his wad too quickly on the neoporn.

len   12/11/2003 17:55
"Please do not come on Mickey's face, no matter how good of friends you guys are."

Is this a quote from the artists wife or Disney Corporate Policy?

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