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June.15.2010 : Tuesday
 Deadliest Creature: Sea Wasps! Aiyeeee!
Not everyone who has been stung by a Sea Wasp has died, but those who didn't may have wished they had.
Link: Deadliest Creature
» rich  · 07:16 comments [3] 


chris   6/15/2010 12:19

stu   6/15/2010 17:03
Creepy animal, but that blog is horribly written. Not just typos, but serious problems all over the place. Like in the second sentence he claims that the deadliest creatures to humans are other humans, while in the third sentence he then talks about how the deadliest creatures to humans are microbes.

stu   6/15/2010 17:10
Sorry. Dear god do i get pedantic sometimes. Apologies.

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