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December.15.2003 : Monday
 Justin Timberlake my ass
Although I secretly love JT, I think I have a good case for copyright infringement here. Any lawyerly people out there want to make a fast buck by doing some pro-bono work, just let me know. Rich, I'll kick some up to you, as you have hold copyright on mostly everything on the HR. At the very least, I'm sending a letter to Timberlake, letting him in on the bad news.
» tim  · 10:32 comments [4] 


nate   12/15/2003 10:57
this is a sham!

a travesty!

i'm writing my congressman!

tim   12/15/2003 11:29
There's no call for flippancy here.

tim's lawyer, esq.   12/15/2003 12:19
Tim, we'll take them to the bank. Hope you are prepared to be a wealthy king of pop!

chris   12/15/2003 13:04
No offense, but when you hit that Britney shit, then we can talk.
(btw, I have this theory than no one can ever win an agrument against Justin Timberlake. No matter what point you're trying to make, all Justin has to do is say "Oh yeah? Well I nailed Britney." Not that I think Ms. Spears is all that or nothin', but you see what I'm sayin'.)

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