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December.16.2003 : Tuesday
 Wasserstein to buy New York Magazine!
Wait. I forget why I would give a shit about New York Magazine.
» rich  · 23:20 comments [3] 


wasserstein   12/17/2003 10:12
Stop ragging on my mag!

pony   12/17/2003 12:30
ok, who is this person with the repetitive sense of humour (writing as the character mentioned in the post). It is not at all funny except maybe in the way that something stupid, through repetion, gets absurd, then funny. Never mind. Keep it up. I might find it funny in a few months.

anne   12/17/2003 16:53
adina, here's why its funny (and it's not me and I don't know who it is) but- see the you imagine anyone in pop. culture/politics, etc. is free game and they exsist not as a person- but an idea, so you get to say something funny or interesting using them as material- but then see- they get their feelings hurt- (like you said the word "fuck"- and that offended GWB's feelings- not the stuff about lieing or anything, just that mean word)- - you sit down on your leather couch and it goes "moo"and I'm not explaining it well. I guess I find the idea of
"I heard that!" an amusing concept.

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