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makes me want to watch this movie .... over and over and over
Drop the Zero. Get with the Hero.

There's no excuse to be skinny!

A simple rule I have had to rearrange my life around
It seemed counterproductive to have a moist chicken.

Why is one of these not about quidditch?
Poor SoJo

2nd to last one.
The New Star of Instagram

sweet lord, my life is now complete.
Cat Wearing a Shark Costume Rides a Roomba Vacuum Round and Round a Kitchen

it's got both your name and the C-train. muchos amore.
Louis C.K. hates the C train

Dammit Rich, I read the comments.

I loved my visit to NC. Other than some bad traffic, we had a fantastic time there.

Why does it seem like North Carolina is just filled with assholes, now?

Not 100% asshole, definitely. But maybe l...
NC upset by NYT article on their crazy government

these things are all over HI. Populations boom and bust - they are prob just working towards their population equilibrium in FL. Or they are going to take over. Which, like, sure.
Now in Florida: Giant African Land Snails

Nice calming electronic guitar on the main page too!

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November.01.2011 : Tuesday
 Sexy Sax man makes appearance at Jackson Heights Halloween Parade
Made my day.
Link: Finally, a MALE dressed as a sexy something.
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October.24.2011 : Monday
 Times have been tough for poor Al Pacino...
Saw this guy at our area playground...
Link: Balloon Animal Pacino™
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10.20.2011 : Thursday
 ˜The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs" Review
About half of all consumer electronics sold in the world today are produced at a single mammoth factory campus in Shenzhen, China, according to Mr. Daisey. His illuminating trip to this campus, the sprawling Foxconn Technology plant, forms the dramatic spine of his smart, pointed and often very funny exploration of the rise of Apple and the career and vision of Mr. Jobs
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10.12.2011 : Wednesday
 10 Most Common Voicemail Blunders, #6
As executed by my sister.
Link: We all secretly feel this way sometimes
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10.03.2011 : Monday
 Reasons for Reason
Without a common background of standards against which we measure what counts as a reliable source of information, or a reliable method of inquiry, and what doesn't, we won't be able to agree on the facts, let alone values. Indeed, this is precisely the situation we seem to be headed towards in the United States. We live isolated in our separate bubbles of information culled from sources that only reinforce our prejudices and never challenge our basic assumptions.
Link: NYTimes
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September.29.2011 : Thursday
 Floppy music DUO - Imperial march - YouTube
How...I mean,
Link: Floppy music DUO - Imperial march - YouTube
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09.13.2011 : Tuesday
 A Gallery of Girls Who Actually Bought that R2D2 Swimsuit
Blip bleep bloop.
Link: "It's a private message for HIM"
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09.09.2011 : Friday
 The Blog : September 11, 2011 : Sam Harris
"Sacrifice for the Dear Leader, however secular, is an act of cultic conformity and worship. Whenever human obsession is channeled in these ways, we can see the ancient framework upon which every religion was built. In our ignorance, fear, and craving for order, we created the gods. And ignorance, fear, and craving keep them with us."
Link: The Blog : September 11, 2011 : Sam Harris
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 Banning All Religion
Nuff said.
Link: The Gruen Transfer
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09.06.2011 : Tuesday
 Freddie Mercury Doodle
Brings tears to my eyes and makes me laff at the same time...just like grandma!
Link: yay Google!
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09.03.2011 : Saturday
 Other 'Star Wars' Blu-Ray Changes George Lucas Could Make
Worth it for Chewie in slacks alone.
Link: Giant Yoda!
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09.01.2011 : Thursday
 Darth Vader's 'Nooo!' in Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (ACTUAL Blu-Ray Clip)
Oh sweet frikkin' cartoon Jesus. Lucas has gone and f*cked with Star Wars yet again. On the blu-ray of Return of the Jedi, Darth Vader now re-emits that horrible "Nooooooo!" we first got at the end of "Revenge of the Sith". Behold...
Link: Nooooooo! indeed
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August.31.2011 : Wednesday
 Cartoon Jesus Destroys The World
Deleted scene: Mariachi band is playing. One of the three is vaporized in an instant. The remaining two stare at the smoldering spot where he once stood. Beat. They then shout, "Olé!" accompanied by a triumphant chord from their guitars.
Link: Alias 'Michael' cos he forgot to pay his taxes
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08.16.2011 : Tuesday
 Religious People Are Nerds
Good fun.
Link: Picard vs Kirk!
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08.03.2011 : Wednesday
 Site hooks up poor gals, 'sugar daddies'
Only question: Can poor guys find a Sugar Momma as well?
Link: Seeking Arrangement (.com)
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July.29.2011 : Friday
 Sabra Price is Right
I've been looking for this for ages. Finally, the internets make it so. Tom Hanks, no less.
Link: "Okay, so, Jennifer Hughes, come on, let's go!"
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 James Brown's Celebrity Hot Tub Party
It's always a good time to re-watch this.

Link: Complete with Dr. Joyce Brothers
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 Also available in frog legs...
The salt trick again.
Link: Mmmm!
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 Instant zombie
Just add salt.
Link: Eeeeyaaaagh!
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07.20.2011 : Wednesday
 Fox 5 Jetpak Fail
Just in case you missed it.
Link: He sounds like Paul Lynde!
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June.28.2011 : Tuesday
"Computer games don't affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music." - Kristin Wilson, Nintendo, Inc., 1989.
Link: The Sheila Variations: February 2006 Archives
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06.27.2011 : Monday
 Michele Bachmann Announces 2012 Presidential Campaign
"Our problems don't have an identity of party, they are problems created by both parties," Mrs. Bachmann said. "Americans agree that our country is in peril today and we must act with urgency to save it. Americans aren't interested in affiliation. They are interested in solutions and leadership that will tell the truth, as long as they're Republican."

(Yes, I added that last bit, cos let's face it, you know it's troof!)
Link: Personally, I want C-3PO to run
» eric w  · 17:49  ·  Share comments   

 600 filmmakers sign complaint about Final Cut Pro X
"By 2:35 p.m. EDT Monday, the petition has gathered 600 signatures and had risen to No. 6 in PetitionOnline's Top 10 most active list, right after Ban Animal Gas Chambers."
Link: A royal mess
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06.26.2011 : Sunday
 At Mass, Archbishop Dolan Is Silent on Same-Sex Marriage
"I would have to say I was sad because it's not good for the common good," the archbishop said. "I think society and culture is at its peril."

Atta boy, Chump! That's the spirit!
Link: via
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06.23.2011 : Thursday
 Light Field camera | Lytro
Looks like Blade Runner technology is finally here. A camera that can take pictures in which you can select the focal point AFTER the shot is taken. AND you can also peek around the edges of objects.
Link: Light Field camera
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06.16.2011 : Thursday
 Go the F**k to Sleep - read by Samuel L. Jackson
Probably old news by now, but hey...
Link: How come you can do all this other great sh*t?
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06.14.2011 : Tuesday
 Another day at the plant...
...and all of it spent destroying stuff...
Link: ...with this amazing machine!
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06.10.2011 : Friday
 Richard Dreyfuss reads the iTunes EULA
Good fun.
Link: Reporters' Roundtable Podcast - CNET Blogs
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06.06.2011 : Monday
 Your new destop image...
...awaits you...
Link: Off-road Han & Chewie
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06.03.2011 : Friday
 Norway Has Its Very Own Rebecca Black
She doesn't wanna be a crappy housewife.
Link: Be sure to wait for the rap.
» eric w  · 12:50  ·  Share comments [2] 

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