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makes me want to watch this movie .... over and over and over
Drop the Zero. Get with the Hero.

There's no excuse to be skinny!

A simple rule I have had to rearrange my life around
It seemed counterproductive to have a moist chicken.

Why is one of these not about quidditch?
Poor SoJo

2nd to last one.
The New Star of Instagram

sweet lord, my life is now complete.
Cat Wearing a Shark Costume Rides a Roomba Vacuum Round and Round a Kitchen

it's got both your name and the C-train. muchos amore.
Louis C.K. hates the C train

Dammit Rich, I read the comments.

I loved my visit to NC. Other than some bad traffic, we had a fantastic time there.

Why does it seem like North Carolina is just filled with assholes, now?

Not 100% asshole, definitely. But maybe l...
NC upset by NYT article on their crazy government

these things are all over HI. Populations boom and bust - they are prob just working towards their population equilibrium in FL. Or they are going to take over. Which, like, sure.
Now in Florida: Giant African Land Snails

Nice calming electronic guitar on the main page too!

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April.08.2012 : Sunday
 Mystic Cat
Serious cat.
Link: meow
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04.24.2011 : Sunday
 Jesus via the internet
30 great moments in the "Jesus- with you always" meme.
Link: guess I'm going to Hell
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November.01.2010 : Monday
 NASA will send humanoid robot to Moon...
so, rich... who's it gonna be?
Link: can I at least get an interview?
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September.15.2010 : Wednesday
 Cthulhu, the new Old Spice guy
Surprisingly good parody of the Old Spice commercials. Featuring Cthulhu.
Link: brain in a jar
» Eve  · 07:37  ·  Share »monsters comments   
June.18.2010 : Friday
 Cat's Balcony Scene
Link: Cat's Balcony Scene
» Eve  · 18:00  ·  Share »dogs & cats comments   
06.14.2010 : Monday
 Dude Craft: Law and Order
needlepoint Law & Order scene.
If these things were kits I might actually start a needlepoint hobby.
Link: Dude Craft: Law and Order
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April.27.2010 : Tuesday
 World's Tiniest Horse? Newborn Weighs 6 Pounds
Just a tiny horse.
Link: 6 lb horse!
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04.07.2010 : Wednesday
 " Plastic Bag " a short film by Ramin Bahrani
With Werner Herzog as the bag.
Link: FUTURESTATES : Plastic Bag By Ramin Bahrani
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March.29.2010 : Monday
 kittens inspired by kittens
I don't really know what to say about this but I will let you know that it includes the line "I want beef jerky" and also a little girl singing the classic porn refrain "bow chicka wow-wow".
Link: You're welcome.
» Eve  · 22:14  ·  Share »dogs & cats comments   
03.23.2010 : Tuesday
 Steve McQueen: 20 Never-Seen Photos
Some pretty awesome pictures of Steve McQueen. If you like that sort of thing.
Link: Photo Gallery, 20 Pictures - LIFE
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February.27.2010 : Saturday
 Selleck Waterfall Sandwich
as advertised.
Link: Selleck Waterfall Sandwich
» Eve  · 21:36  ·  Share »the sexy comments   
02.26.2010 : Friday
 Eschaton Lite
The purpose of this document is to produce a playable version of the game Eschaton as presented in Infinite Jest.
Link: Eschaton Lite
» Eve  · 19:27  ·  Share comments   
02.23.2010 : Tuesday
 Dogs in slow motion - The Daily Tail
short video clip/commercial of slow motion doggies.
Link: Dogs in slow motion
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02.09.2010 : Tuesday
 cell phones / brain tumors / GQ
The only honest way to think of our cell phones is that they are tiny, low-power microwave ovens, without walls, that we hold against the sides of our heads.
Link: Gear + Gadgets: GQ
» Eve  · 09:17  ·  Share comments   
January.25.2010 : Monday
 Rabbits' Fashion Week in Japan
I like the Snow White costume.
Link: fashion week- bunnies
» Eve  · 01:30  ·  Share »animals comments   
01.10.2010 : Sunday
 Michael Pollan Offers 64 Ways to Eat Food
"Only one meat per pizza."
That is a dietary guideline I can live with.
Link: Michael Pollan NYT interview: the well
» Eve  · 12:08  ·  Share comments   
01.09.2010 : Saturday
 Joe Pernice: Cribs
oh, satisfaction, you capricious little tart, where do you go? Where do you go when glimpses inside Usher's great room no longer titillate? .... I'll tell you where you go? You go straight into the musty crawl space of that dude from Spoon. You put in some hang time in Cat Power's mud room, is what you do. You give a Bill Curtis-worthy examination to the carport where the Tyde parks their rental van.
Link: joe pernice's crib and ride.
» Eve  · 22:41  ·  Share comments   
December.07.2009 : Monday
 Choose- a-religion flow chart
Easy and practical.
Link: do you believe underwear can be magical?
» Eve  · 09:45  ·  Share comments [2] 
November.23.2009 : Monday
 Toothbrush Sanitizer
You do know there are probably poop particles on your toothbrush, right?
I am thinking of buying these in bulk for the holiday gift giving season.
Link: violight
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11.19.2009 : Thursday
 Texas Accidentally Bans Marriage
Link: Texas Accidentally Bans Marriage
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 Nikon's annual photomicrospocy winners
pretty pretty.
Link: Petite Pictures: The 20 Microscopic Photo Competition Prizewinners: Scientific American Slideshows
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11.18.2009 : Wednesday
 Photos: Rice paddy crop art (2009)
No paint, just plants.
Link: Photos: Rice paddy crop art (2009)
» Eve  · 10:56  ·  Share comments   
11.04.2009 : Wednesday
 My First Dictionary
Today's word is sulk.
Link: My First Dictionary
» Eve  · 22:28  ·  Share comments   
11.03.2009 : Tuesday
 Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin to Host Oscars
"I am happy to co-host the Oscars with my enemy Alec Baldwin," Martin said in a statement.

"I don't play the banjo but I'm thrilled to be hosting the Oscars – it's the opportunity of a lifetime," said Baldwin.
Link: This should be interesting
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 make your own eye chart
Link: eye chart.
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11.02.2009 : Monday
 In Giant Squid News...
Sperm whales photographed eating giant squid.
Link: RARE PHOTOS: Giant Squid Eaten by Sperm Whale
» Eve  · 13:36  ·  Share comments   

 Pumpkin Whoopie Pies
Carrot cake, where would you be without [cream cheese frosting]? Somewhere with no friends, that's for sure.
Link: Cook the Book: Recipes
» Eve  · 11:52  ·  Share »food & drink comments [1] 
October.22.2009 : Thursday
 It's Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfckers.
I don't know about you, but I can't wait to get my hands on some f*cking gourds and arrange them in a horn-shaped basket on my dining room table.
Link: Happy Fall
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September.04.2009 : Friday
 Custom Cat Portraits
"I am sincerely entranced by their sense of self-respect, their high standards of personal hygiene, and their general insouciance."

He's good.
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09.01.2009 : Tuesday
 56 Redesigns of the Snow Leopard Box
Some good, some meh. The KISS one is great.
Link: Gizmodo - Photoshop Contest
» Eve  · 16:45  ·  Share »animals comments   

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