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makes me want to watch this movie .... over and over and over
Drop the Zero. Get with the Hero.

There's no excuse to be skinny!

A simple rule I have had to rearrange my life around
It seemed counterproductive to have a moist chicken.

Why is one of these not about quidditch?
Poor SoJo

2nd to last one.
The New Star of Instagram

sweet lord, my life is now complete.
Cat Wearing a Shark Costume Rides a Roomba Vacuum Round and Round a Kitchen

it's got both your name and the C-train. muchos amore.
Louis C.K. hates the C train

Dammit Rich, I read the comments.

I loved my visit to NC. Other than some bad traffic, we had a fantastic time there.

Why does it seem like North Carolina is just filled with assholes, now?

Not 100% asshole, definitely. But maybe l...
NC upset by NYT article on their crazy government

these things are all over HI. Populations boom and bust - they are prob just working towards their population equilibrium in FL. Or they are going to take over. Which, like, sure.
Now in Florida: Giant African Land Snails

Nice calming electronic guitar on the main page too!

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February.11.2007 : Sunday
 Episode of Paula Deen Like a John Water's Film
Anthony Bourdain guest blogs. Compares Paula Deen to Divine, Sandra Lee "Hell Spawn of Kathie Lee and Betty Crocker."
Link: What He Really Thinks
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July.16.2006 : Sunday
 Mrs. Garrett Would Be Very Dissapointed in Blair
Lisa Whelchel aka "Blair" on the 80s sit-com "The Facts of Life" has long dropped the her televised bitchy debutante persona and replaced it with one of a Christian parent, that is a violent Christian parent. Blair Must Be Stopped! via perezhilton
Link: Stop The Rod!
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07.12.2006 : Wednesday
 Four Footed Chinese Duck
Wonton soup is extra
Link: Cute Four Footed Duck
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June.30.2006 : Friday
 Fat kids are the new ADHD kids
Fat kids are the new ADHD kids, so toy companies are tweaking teddy bears in hopes of helping children shed a few el bees.
Link: Teddy Bears Put on Weight
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06.28.2006 : Wednesday
 Welcome To Scientology
Scientology's orientation video in full recorded bootleg-style with a mini-cam
This f'cking rocks
Link: a free screening of Dianetics: The Modern Sciene of Mental Health
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06.06.2006 : Tuesday
 More Googley Goodness
Get your geeky goodness on and sign up for the beta of Google Spreadsheets! via lifehacker
Link: Google Spreadsheets!
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April.03.2006 : Monday
 School cafeteria recipes
when you have insomnia, you find sh1t like this
Link: School Recipe Index
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March.05.2006 : Sunday
 I Love Egg!
I Love Egg
Link: I love egg
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February.23.2006 : Thursday
 Puppy Mover
If your puppies are tired of schlepping across the lawn to get to their toys, you can help. Build your fuzzy friends a puppy monorail!
Link: Puppy Mover
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02.22.2006 : Wednesday
 Pugs In Hats
Nice lids on these pooches
Link: Pugs In Hats
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02.02.2006 : Thursday
 Our Patriotism Should Be This Classy
I happened upon this on google video--it was listed as popular.
Link: The national song of India
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December.22.2005 : Thursday
 A Treasure Trove Of Tuneage
I'm up to week 90...
Link: Bubblegum Machine
» jessica  · 08:52  ·  Share »music comments   
12.14.2005 : Wednesday
 Cute Overload!
I'm in heaven!
Link: Cute Overload!
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November.01.2005 : Tuesday
 The Dish on the Bushes
The Presidential Chef... I think he might be out of a job, he did a bit too much revealing in this interview.
Vodka on the rocks for the Pres?
Link: The Dish on the Bushes
» jessica  · 13:11  ·  Share comments   
October.10.2005 : Monday
 Steven Seagal Juice
Lightning Bolt will give you the strength you need to punch your adversary's faces through plate glass windows day in and day out!
Link: Steven Segal Juice
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September.26.2005 : Monday
 Banned Book Week
24 September through 1 October 2005 is the American Library Association's "Banned Book Week." Check out their site for information about challenged books, and grab a copy of their lists of most challenged books. Read and purchase these books for yourself and family while you still can.
Link: Banned Book Week
» jessica  · 10:42  ·  Share »media comments   
09.04.2005 : Sunday
 You are what you eat
And you eat what you are. (thanks to Magister Svengali for the link)
Link: Thai Artist Bakes Body Parts. Well, sort of.
» jessica  · 23:23  ·  Share »food & drink comments   
August.30.2005 : Tuesday
 Please Remain Seated For a Tasty Treat
Certain American institutional foods have a reputation for generally being so lousy, rarely will you find an admitted aficionado. Airline food, much like hospital fare and school cafeteria cusine has not been been a treat in recent memory, especially now that are lucky if you get a pack of peanuts.

After looking at this site, you'll see there are those who are dining pretty well high above our heads.
Link: Check Out Air Sri Lanka!
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08.26.2005 : Friday
I adore people like the Rawker, who pursue their musical dreams, much like the dellusional "American Idol" audionists, ears plugged to the nay-sayers and their own voices.

Ladies and Gentleman, I bring you THE RAWKER!
Link: The Rawker Sings Your Favorite Rock Hits!
» jessica  · 01:59  ·  Share »music comments   
08.19.2005 : Friday
 What's For Dinner Mom?
Strawberry Milk Sausages!
Link: Strawberry Milk Sausages!
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08.17.2005 : Wednesday
 Miming For the Lord
Apparently Christians don't beat up mimes.
Link: Miming For JC
» jessica  · 10:28  ·  Share comments [3] 
08.16.2005 : Tuesday
 Jesus Coming to a Mailbox Near You!
The movie "Jesus" is being mailed to every mailbox in the US, slowly but surely.
Link: Jesus Coming to a Mailbox Near You
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08.14.2005 : Sunday
 In The Beginning
How Ctrl Alt Delete came about, but dissing Gates to his face is the real perk behind this clip.
Link: Control Alt Delete
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08.12.2005 : Friday
 Its Never To Early To Think About The 2008 Presidential Election
Walken For President. That is a man I could stand behind!
Link: Walken For Prez
» jessica  · 13:10  ·  Share »politics comments [1] 
08.06.2005 : Saturday
 For Purple Mountains Majesty, and Alabaster Waves of Ranch
Why must Americans douse everything with Ranch Dressing?
Link: No horses on this Ranch, that would be French
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08.04.2005 : Thursday
 Achoo! How To Call In Sick
I rarely ever look at the tips from that I have on my Google personalized home page. Today's tip caught my eye, as I am the queen of calling in. I tend to sound a little rough when I wake up, so that seems to be a good ruse for the "I've got a sore throat." One trick I did not see on here, is one I learned in middle school. It works well if you are already at your gig: stick your finger down your throat just enough to make yourself teary, gag and then announce "I just threw up." No one likes vomit, and you will be promptly sent home to watch tv and drink beer.
Link: How To Call In Sick
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July.20.2005 : Wednesday
 A Stern Warning
Diamond Dave, DLR or just plain ol' David Lee Roth to you fools who liked Van Halen with that tequila pushing Chiclet mouth and Adam Corrolla, Jimmy Kimmel and Dr. Drew's swarthy sidekick have been coined as replacements for Howard Stern. Both men are blessed the gift of gab, and have penchants for for Tuppeware tits, and in this one woman's opinion a great choice.
Link: DLR & Corrola Replace Stern
» jessica  · 01:38  ·  Share comments [6] 
07.13.2005 : Wednesday
 Sarah Vowell On Bush
"The Speech The President Should Give."
Link: The Speech The President Should Give
» jessica  · 12:33  ·  Share comments   
07.12.2005 : Tuesday
 Hirstute Hugs
I've always thought it would be quite amusing if a baby talked like a salty old man, not unlike the baby in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" Looks like these kids are on their way.
Link: Babies With Beards
» jessica  · 15:36  ·  Share comments   
07.11.2005 : Monday
 Andy Milonakis Is Old, Everybody Is Old
MTV's new goofball star du jour, Andy Milonakis of the "Superbowl is Gay" meme is not the chubby kid we've been lead to believe.
via defamer
Link: And all along I thought he was some bratty genius
» jessica  · 12:10  ·  Share comments   

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