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makes me want to watch this movie .... over and over and over
Drop the Zero. Get with the Hero.

There's no excuse to be skinny!

A simple rule I have had to rearrange my life around
It seemed counterproductive to have a moist chicken.

Why is one of these not about quidditch?
Poor SoJo

2nd to last one.
The New Star of Instagram

sweet lord, my life is now complete.
Cat Wearing a Shark Costume Rides a Roomba Vacuum Round and Round a Kitchen

it's got both your name and the C-train. muchos amore.
Louis C.K. hates the C train

Dammit Rich, I read the comments.

I loved my visit to NC. Other than some bad traffic, we had a fantastic time there.

Why does it seem like North Carolina is just filled with assholes, now?

Not 100% asshole, definitely. But maybe l...
NC upset by NYT article on their crazy government

these things are all over HI. Populations boom and bust - they are prob just working towards their population equilibrium in FL. Or they are going to take over. Which, like, sure.
Now in Florida: Giant African Land Snails

Nice calming electronic guitar on the main page too!

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June.14.2006 : Wednesday
 Rollin' with Bob Saget
Bob Saget. Jamie Kennedy. Rap Video. Bitch Slaps. Peeing in Bushes. George Lucas. Pure Brilliance.
Link: Saget Love
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January.27.2005 : Thursday
 A Very Special Cheerleader Prayer
Most effective when you recite this prayer while hugging a Care Bear.
Link: Go Team Go!
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01.19.2005 : Wednesday
 Too Much Time On My Hands
Who knew cards could be so much fun?
Link: cardstacker
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