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January 2005
January 2 - Sunday
It's the President's Party
That Dog is My God
Peekaboo Pole Dancing
January 3 - Monday
Worst Natural Disasters In History
Elephants Lend A Trunk
More worst disasters in history
January 4 - Tuesday
Today is National Trivia Day
Meat Museum!
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi reportedly arrested in Iraq
Amazon Reviews "Witness..." by Amber Frey
If you're looking for a way to help tsunami victims
January 5 - Wednesday
The ScreamBody
In The Year 2050
Seafood, Beef food, and Chicken food
Ways To Help Animals Affected By The Tsunami
Ripping off your own suckiness.
Staples Clips Sinclair
Remember Lynndie?
Ashlee Has Another Boo-Boo
January 6 - Thursday
More like Sucker Carlson!
In More Important News...New Pooch For the Bushes
January 7 - Friday
Worst Mix Tapes. Ever.
Al-Qaeda's unfinished work
Orphans for sale
January 8 - Saturday
Wal-Mart Greeter Shows People His Sack
January 9 - Sunday
Self Esteem
There is no legal drinking age for dogs
An Open letter To My Teenage Son
January 10 - Monday
Guide for the Mexican Migrant
If we can't race lawnmowers, then the terrorists have won
For the Love of Lobster
Green Leaves! (Yatta!)
January 11 - Tuesday
Interspecies Spin the bottle
Houston still fattest city
Do not eat iPod shuffle
January 12 - Wednesday
Robot makers say World Cup will be theirs by 2050
1992 House
All Good Things Must Come To An End...
Borat from Kazakhstan attends the rodeo
Tsunami Before & After
Get the Drunk Home
Who loves the chocolate?
The World We Live In
January 13 - Thursday
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sleep
Everything you ever wanted to know about Bollywood
Yar! It Seems We've Been Curated!
Everything you wanted to know about...
Compare and contrast
I just don't know.
The Apple Dumpster Gang
For the unimaginative with boobies
quotes from one of the funniest movies ever
January 14 - Friday
10 x 10 news photo gallery
Rockin' it frat party style!
The (not so) Many Faces of Bush
Spacecraft Enters Titan's Atmosphere
The films stink more than the greasy audience
TGS Merchandise... WOOT!
January 15 - Saturday
Darth Tater
January 16 - Sunday
Guilty Pleasures
I love blackhawks but you know who hates them ?
January 17 - Monday
World Sunlight Map
Human Clock
Scared of bacteria? Step right this way
Kraftwerk pocket calculator
Bill Gates Teen Beat photo spread
American flags stuck in poo
January 18 - Tuesday
I'm coming to New York City, please help!
Oyster Christ
Bill Gates, meet Mark Hamill
No Shame In Making A Buck Off The Breakup of the Year
January 19 - Wednesday
National Sanctity of Human Life Day
Niagra Falls in the winter
Let the wookiee cop a feel
Disco Dump!
Too Much Time On My Hands
January 20 - Thursday
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Intelligent Design
Good Morning!!
Dick List
Postal Service video
Courtney Love - Holy Shit!
The Original Rocket Man
January 21 - Friday
The E-Meter spotted at Union Square
Sponge Bob Gay Pants
Powell to Resign as FCC Chair
subjected to increasing pressure to perform to ever-higher standards
who loves the 90s?
Cooking with Rockstars
Dear cell phone user: Shut Up Already!
buck Fush!
January 22 - Saturday
Pirates sue Captain Morgan
They're just now catching on?
The Jury Pool From Hell
January 23 - Sunday
Protest Sign Gallery
RIP Johnny Carson
January 24 - Monday
It's Best of Craigslist Day!
Closer - an Idaho cougar story
Worst Monday Ever!
Bless you, my geek.
tall or not
Freedom: 27 - Liberty: 15
Kitty Needs A Home
January 25 - Tuesday
Spy on yourself from outta spayce!
'I have a brain tumour'
D&D Sex
Dance Voldo Dance
"We Are The World" Crew Reunites to Help Tsunami Relief
January 26 - Wednesday
Star Wars Kid
NY Restaurant Week
A squid walks into a sushi bar...
In need of a monkey
RIP Philip Johnson
Waxin' to the oldies!
January 27 - Thursday
What! It's a kid's book!
Repeal the 22nd amendment?
crazy auto wrecks
A Very Special Cheerleader Prayer
Emmylou Harris: Music's Kevin Bacon
The Lucky Weatherman
Mordor...with a "D".
HOT 97 and the tsunami song
one hit wonders!
For the LADIES
January 28 - Friday
Cat owners are satanists
Human/Monkey hybrids are almost here!
Guess who? and the 7 Deadly Sins
Hot chocolate boy, meet hot chocolate festival
Friday's "What were the last ten songs?"
ah, puppets
Run, Arnold. Run.
patches the horse
January 29 - Saturday
Welcome to Canada, Eh?
Urinate your way to safety
Monkeys Pay to See Female Monkey's Bottoms
January 31 - Monday
Idiotarod 2005
Happy Magnets
What the Bible says about drinking
Missing from this week's poll
Fresh Pasta at Ferrari Speed