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January 2006
January 1 - Sunday
George Bush: Slowed or Drunk?
Larry David & Brokeback Mountain
Want some advice for 2006?
January 2 - Monday
Reuters: 2005 News Photography Gallery
On the Media: The Wilhelm
Cat Born with Two Faces
Cornhole for the troops
January 3 - Tuesday
Improv Everywhere: Suicide Jumper
A quick fake MTA sign-maker
January 4 - Wednesday
12 Miners Found Alive
12 miners dead, 1 barely alive
How to order wine...
Rich loves cougars!
Letterman v. O'Reilly
January 5 - Thursday
That kid wants some bacon
This is No Game
The Worst Grad School Recommendation Ever
Fighting Whites
Weekly World News
January 6 - Friday
Hot Dog Burrito
For Matt: Jazzbo!
Martin Rosol's Meat Products!
Soccer families and swingers do not mix
Windows. Update. Now!
What the hell?
January 7 - Saturday
Idiot: Capitol + DRM + Coldplay
January 9 - Monday
Dogs & Cats on Broadway
Keeping It Real - New York Times
Father's Roundtable on Morning News
The Answer is...
A Million Little Lies
January 10 - Tuesday
We're Sick And Tired Of Raising Your Young
Rated Gee
Bitchin' Camaro
Don't Bogart that Coffeeshop
Burger King Wrapper Copy Revised
Monkeys vs. Porn
Garfield Randomizer
January 11 - Wednesday
You can still taser children in Florida
the ultimate mountain man hat
NYC likes poodles
Shumai 3 day tour
A Million Little Refunds
January 12 - Thursday
Bicycles & Bikinis
Office Romance Flourishes in England!
January 13 - Friday
Pug in a mexican wrestling mask
Google Earth for the Mac - finally!
Monkeys. Robots. Overheard.
Grillz Skillz
And We Used to Think It was Hard Getting Elected as a Catholic
January 14 - Saturday
They got that major-label conference room sound
Robbing Muggers in Phoenix
January 15 - Sunday
Gloria Trembicky is a Bad Landlord
January 16 - Monday
Rich's Next Camera
High school porn homework canceled
I paint robots
Don't Rock and Dial
January 17 - Tuesday
Robots Go to War
Police put heat on robot taxis
His So-Called Life - New York Times
Subways of the Americas
January 18 - Wednesday
Warm and Fuzzy TV
From Photo Booth to Flickr
January 19 - Thursday
CBS to air Pontiac infomercials in Prime Time
January 20 - Friday
Sexy Danish Ringtones
Caricaturist sketches Robber
NYC Restaurant Week
Google said no; Yahoo, AOL, MSN yes.
Punx get pwn3d
January 21 - Saturday
Bubble-Pipe Dog With Flaming Eye Pie
January 22 - Sunday
Abortion and Anti-Abortion Protestors
Everything sounds like Coldplay now
January 23 - Monday
Soccer stadiums are sacred
Worst. Monday. Ever.
Cops break up No Pants 2k6
Entertainment execs: still out of ideas
Damn you, Snakes on a Plane!
Macaulay Culkin's Debut Novel
The US Supreme Court & the 4th Amendment
January 24 - Tuesday
It's time to listen to 100 hobo names.
Holy Crap. Japanese Toy Panda Photoblogs.
robot breaks arm patting self on back
January 25 - Wednesday
Blotter meet Blogger
Cat helmeting
French Police Solve Murder Case
NYC Hurricane Evacuation
Blog2Go: Pony
Down the hatch!
January 26 - Thursday
Future American lawyers to be proud of
The Duke Blue Devils say NO to drugs
Eugene goes to WORSEster
James Frey on Oprah Today
January 27 - Friday
My Name Is John Daker...
Kicked Out of the Oprah Book Club
January 30 - Monday
Idiotarod 06: Absurd shopping cart race
Almost Naked Animals
Alternative Comedy
Yum Yum's 100th Birthday
January 31 - Tuesday
Evolution Is a Farce!
it's just awesome
Coachella Line Up
Bad Tattoos and "Tramp Stamps"
Give us this day...
Happy National Gorilla Suit Day
Pirated State of the Union Text
The AOLer Translator