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January 2007
January 1 - Monday
Vintage Russian New Year Postcards
January 2 - Tuesday
Dieting Women Delay Subway Trains
New Faith the miracle dog footage
January 3 - Wednesday
How to Sneak Candy Into Your Room
January 4 - Thursday
Recycle your old electronics
January 8 - Monday
Google Zeitgeist 2006
NYC is all gassy
Old School Party Flyers
Woody Marathon
Sixty things about David Bowie
January 9 - Tuesday
How do you fix an undersea cable?
Target of U.S. Air Strike has pre-teen mustache
Duck. In Space.
Mina + after hours ice cream purchase
Apple announces the iPhone
January 10 - Wednesday
Bush Followed Everywhere By Line Of Baby Ducks
Do You Have to Use So Many Cuss Words?
Ah, Rhode Island
January 11 - Thursday
Hello Crazy Lips
The Virgil Goode position
David Beckham to join LA soccer team
January 12 - Friday
All Hail City Sub
Lesbian Pulp Art
All-You-Can-Eat Tickets At Dodger Stadium
furious about gay lifestyles
Republicans Respond to Democratic 100 Hours
January 13 - Saturday
No Pants 2007 - Today!
January 14 - Sunday
Hello Hawaii
dpd went skydiving!
January 15 - Monday
Internal monkey
How To: Make A Fake Infomercial
Fail better
January 16 - Tuesday
Myrtle Beach = Love On The Balcony = Front Butt
iPhone on the cheap
Mike is fair & balanced in Vermont
USDA Forest Service reminds you...
Deluxe Gorilla
January 17 - Wednesday
America's Craziest Fads!
Mark Morford's Ways To Keep Warm
Michael Savage best be giving me my birthrights!
Somewhat Deluxe Cougars
What's the deal with corn nuts?
January 18 - Thursday
Brian Huskey w/ Mac & PC
A guy. Running from a camera.
The Grand Canyon is 5 million years old
YouTube - The iPhone Up Close
January 19 - Friday
Interview: Seetharaman Narayanan
Post-It Note Jaguar
jack black: atari 2600 pitfall pitchman
How to sign "sink"
Tierney Lab science blog
January 20 - Saturday
Opt-Out this!
January 21 - Sunday
Free Robot Sex
Welcome to my New Virtual Home
Pirate running for Congress
January 22 - Monday
The Laws of Robotics
Whale Sushi. Yum.
No Pants 2k7 Re-cap
The most depressing day of the year
January 23 - Tuesday
Tail attack
McGyver Paperclip Action Figure!
More than you ever needed to know about Credit Cards
The State of the Union Address Drinking Game 2007
The State of the Union Bingo Card
Pony Baby Birth Betting Pool
One Picture = $100 billion.
January 24 - Wednesday
DIY Perfect steak
God hates a fag
72 Virgins
Read better
January 25 - Thursday
You're a Douche
January 26 - Friday
Ponies from heaven
Fun facts about the end of the world
Woman with pen: 1 Cougar: 0
Homegrown Al Qaeda
remote control monkey head
Hey! How ya doin'?
A Dude Falling
January 28 - Sunday
"God hates a fag" singer actually a comedian (shocker!)
The Way Down South
January 29 - Monday
Idiotarod 2007
The Razzies nominations are out!
The Plot Thickens
January 30 - Tuesday
Giant Stuffed Robot Girl
Alex Kapranos Interview
Juan Williams Interview with President Bush
Liberating my traveling pants
Harry Potter. Nude. Horse.
Pony Baby is Here!
Own Kenobi's Cloak
The Devil and Der Fuhrer
January 31 - Wednesday
My Birthday is soon - get me a pony
Subway Turnstiles
Norman Mailer Fights Rip Torn
Aqua Teen Hunger Force vs. Boston