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January 2008
January 1 - Tuesday
Arcade Fire: live in an elevator
January 2 - Wednesday
You need to download the pediaphile viewer
Your kids aren't very happy
20 Questions for Anthony Bourdain
January 3 - Thursday
Cute Overload's Best of 2007
God speaks to him
Iowa caucus: Arcane rules have huge impact on outcome
Iowa caucus - Past Winners
January 4 - Friday
As Seen on TV: The 10 Most Laughably Misleading Ads
Conan has been practicing his guitar during the strike
Rich Kid Going Too Far With Ski Rack
January 5 - Saturday
Late Night Cup of Noodle Ads
Drunk harrassment of tigers = mauling
They made being a notary public look exciting and wonderful
January 6 - Sunday
Pee-Wee Herman Fan Club Membership Kit
A Users Manual to Seat 21C
January 7 - Monday
Charles Taylor trial resumes
Regarding Beef Burger
January 8 - Tuesday
The Complete Phil Ken Sebben Ha Ha! Timeline
Mr. T's Blog: Vote for Mr. Splashy Pants - Fool
January 9 - Wednesday
Hillary Clinton declared winner in N.H.
Wedding cake is a full-size likeness of bride
Shiny gadget things
Weekend at Bernie's - Hell's Kitchen Style
gOS - The Google-esque OS
January 10 - Thursday
You look pretty
Chateau Scientology: The Celebrity Center
The Death of High Fidelity
Pacman Landscape
Pat Robertson Hears Voices that Tell the Future
January 11 - Friday
Germany's Polar Bear Cub Quandary
Conversations with God by Pat Robertson
Top Ten Best Ever.
My dubs are on the internets
Eugene Mirman meets Chuck Norris
January 12 - Saturday
Hot Chicks with Douchebags
Monkey Falls for Pigeon
January 13 - Sunday
Jump the...
The Chicken Soup Chronicles
Analyzing NYC's Indian restaurants
January 14 - Monday
2008 - and the french love stool!
Bookslut interviews Joanna Smith Rakoff
January 15 - Tuesday
Mercedes 600 - Road & Track July 1965
Whad'Ya Know,.. Skank Detector Works
Hot dogs fly into her mouth
January 16 - Wednesday
USB Wine
That MacBook sure is skinny
Stephin Merritt - Magnetic Fields - Music - New York Times
$90 wine tastes better than the same wine at $10
before the music dies
Matt Reeves, Director: Cloverfield
internets 8-ball
Facebook asked to pull Scrabulous
January 17 - Thursday
No Pants 2k8
Tom Cruise: The Freedom Medal Award Ceremony
YouTube Warp Speed
We are ADP!
January 18 - Friday
Bobby Fischer dead
LAPD enlists feral cats for rat patrol
Don't try to be down with the kids
That's a pretty funky dance Garfield
January 19 - Saturday
Television Themes
January 20 - Sunday
Larry Schwarm - Photography
A Cutting Tradition
January 21 - Monday
Real Estate: Rarely Available
Remember when we could afford Champagne?
January 22 - Tuesday
Can NBC Top Top Gear?
Comic Sans
My Last Session
Strangely hypnotic
Actor Heath Ledger found dead
eddie murphy predicts packers-giants outcome 20 years ago
Fred Thompson Out of Race
January 23 - Wednesday
Brokbak kittehs says fanks for teh memories
Prevent It (do NOT watch if you're easily icked out)
As an actor when you drive by a car accident...
High Mercury Levels Are Found in Tuna Sushi
January 24 - Thursday
IM IN UR CARGO HOLD - stream the music
Kucinich Abandons White House Bid
Primary Choices: NYT McCain + Clinton
January 25 - Friday
What is mercury?
Personalize your Sharpie
The Legacy of George W Bush's Presidency
Running with some devils
January 26 - Saturday
Engadget's MacBook Air review
$7.14 billion at French Bank
Obama Runs Away With SC Primary
January 27 - Sunday
Carry On
sleeveface pool slideshow on Flickr
January 28 - Monday
EgyptAir: Blow me US
The Sky is falling
The War On Scientology
January 29 - Tuesday
Hillary's Cookies
Treasure Island Golf
Presenting...The Killer!
January 30 - Wednesday
The Simpsons: FCC complaints
Flu: U Suck
January 31 - Thursday
Yacht Rock Episode 11: Footloose
Hot Chocolate Festival 2008
19th Century French Anti-Masturbation Device