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October 2004
October 1 - Friday
Flaming Lips to Perform Sabbath's "War Pigs"
It's Best of CraigsList Day!
Don't forget Poland!
Debate Review
Pitcairn Descendants of the Bounty part III
October 2 - Saturday
Mt St Helens Starts to Rumble
Iraq is Beautiful
If you want the world to end, John Kerry is your man
October 3 - Sunday
Blogger Boobie-Thon for charity
October 4 - Monday
Song for Kerry
Crawford TX paper endorses Kerry
My debate notes
Worst Day Ever
Single White Male
Poland: Forget Us. Please.
October 5 - Tuesday
Biking NYC
Let's roast some chicken.
the one-dollar pirate
October 6 - Wednesday
VP Debate Transcript
No Respect No More
RIP Rodney Dangerfield
Makes brain hurt
Happy Building
Lebowski vs. HE-MAN
Michel Gondry blows my mind
Teen Girl Squad!
October 7 - Thursday
Is energy independence an impossible goal?
Carl Lewis wants to break it up
chopstick malfunction
I like robots as much as the next college student, but...
Happy Robot You Are My Friend
October 8 - Friday
OK, so how does the Electoral College work again?
In honor of the Halloween season; a ghost
No Silly Names
Twenty monkeys with hats
baby names in denmark subject to approval
How quicksand works
Jay J. Armes
Best t-shirts ever.
Putting the Rivalry to Rest
It's good to be in DC!
From Manitoba To Caribou
October 9 - Saturday
Hiking Safety Tips (in regards to Cougars)
October 11 - Monday
I need to stop soon
Damn Internets!
Don't pull the string!
Christopher Reeve Dead at 52
October 12 - Tuesday
The George Bush Presenile Dementia Video
Let's not forget the other presidential candidates
I Keep Gettin' Older, They Keep Stayin' The Same Age
Prison is so much fun
not enough monkeys
October 13 - Wednesday
Gary Benchley, Rock Star: The First Concert
Sinclair Broadcast Group's "special news event"
Hall of Fame event pairs ASIMO, C-3PO
2 hott
Voter Registrations Possibly Trashed
So I don't know where he is
October 14 - Thursday
healthy vending machines
Ha ha!
The Debate: New And Recycled Distortions
Supa Chupa
Thought it might be timely to revisit O'Reilly's Interview
Two Words:
October 15 - Friday
The Shady World Of Polka
Sorry, Polka
The Super Monkey Polka
343th Mutiny
The Bush Bulge
Jon Stewart=1, Crossfire=0
October 16 - Saturday
Who let the dogs out?
October 17 - Sunday
Best of Craiglists Day!
World Game Day 2004
October 18 - Monday
All about Renter's Insurance
Coke & Pepsi taste the same
High Tech Sushi
Fancy Meeting You Here, Squid
October 19 - Tuesday
If elected, I will lose the mustache
Southeast Asia's modern-day pirates
What do stormtroopers eat?
Qatar officially switches to robotic camel-jockeys in 2005
TV! Be gone!
October 20 - Wednesday
Suppressed 9/11 report
The Palaver Omnibus 1999-2004
Oil wealth 'can cause corruption'
Even the UN Must Bow Before ROBOTS!
remember henry earl?
October 21 - Thursday
Heavenly Pet Portraits
Homogenous Dining - it's all tuna
Stories about Roy Orbison wrapped in Saranwrap
halloween countdown
could you pass 8th grade math?
Dungeon Majesty
Guess again, evildoers!
October 22 - Friday
10 Reasons Not To Re-(S)elect Bush
The Infinite Cat Project
Best food ever!
Why Not Just Ban Cops Or Projectiles?
Vote Chris Christmas Rodriguez
More Chris Christmas Rodriguez
October 23 - Saturday
We all need something fresh, and something sweet: presenting Sushi Candy!
Mr. Robot by Eugene Mirman
October 24 - Sunday
My first cartoon for my college newspaper
October 25 - Monday
Milli Vanilli Part Two
Election Night: By the Hour
Top Ten Geekiest Hobbies
An American band, we are
Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant.
Halloween Comes Early For Bush
Stop Putting It Out There For Them Day!
Support our economy
October 26 - Tuesday
The Meaning of Liff
The maestro of service
Curse? What Curse?
John Peel - R.I.P.
Post Turtle
Why I believe in our president
Dead Letter Office -
October 27 - Wednesday
Sweet tooth
Another Excellent One from Simmons
What the Sox did to the Yankees
'Hobbit' joins human family tree
Marry an American
October 28 - Thursday
Best Gig Ever
I am totally flipping you the finger!
Still undecided?
I do believe that lawn mower is flying
Lynne Cheney's book is for sale on Amazon
Mommy Wants A New President!
2004's Scariest Halloween Costumes
October 29 - Friday
Inventions I need
Osama not Bush or Kerry fan!
Kerry's a Superhero
Bush Bulge take 22
Real examples of vote surpression
October 31 - Sunday
Nader has offically lost it