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October 2005
October 1 - Saturday
Toogle Image Search
My School is a school of STYLE!
Meet Flora Bush
October 3 - Monday
Frank Black interviews Ray Bradbury
Waiters to go
Longwang Pounds China
Riverdance Touchdown Celebration
RANT: why i can't quit smoking
October 4 - Tuesday
Manta Rays flying through the air
Bennett defended racial comments - kind of
Wiki: happyrobot
Smoking: A rebuttal
Kanye, are you still mad at me?
Leica users everywhere groaned
October 5 - Wednesday
Steve, Don't Eat It! - Silkworm Pupas
Los Punk Rockers!
Who should we invade next?
Big Boobs Buster
October 6 - Thursday
Spirit photography
Aye? I?
Python vs. Alligator
Pirate. Booty.
October 7 - Friday
The Company Cookbook
Beer Evolution
Welcome to Southeast Texas?
October 10 - Monday
Steven Seagal Juice
Steven Seagal Sings
Snakes on a Plane on a Shirt
The Faith Converter
Possible New DaVinci Found!
10/15/05: Apple jumps the shark.
Google Map + Subway Map
October 11 - Tuesday
Call this number and scream
Cougar Hunting Season Begins
F---ing in Films
Those crazy car driving robots are back
Relationships with imaginary women
Lil Markie
Carpet Bombed Smurfs
October 12 - Wednesday
Robot wins the Grand Challenge
That baby needs curry in a hurry!
West Side Story: The Infected
Nomar to the Rescue
October 13 - Thursday
Add your own
Fabulous wasted party-going retards - October
Reggie Jackson Still Mr. October To His Librarian
Box of wine?
Harold Pinter Wins Nobel Prize for Literature
Gary Benchly, Rock Star - Interview on WNYC
October 14 - Friday
Behavioral and Ethical Trends in the FBI
Silent Night? Holy Crap!
October 15 - Saturday
Skiing in San Francisco
Stop licking Camel Toads
October 17 - Monday
The All-Female Kiss Experience!
Penguin Poop among 2005 Ig Nobel Winners
Civics Student... or Enemy of America?
Stallone High Protein Pudding
Cat Fight!
a pretty damn ugly website
superhero fashion show
October 18 - Tuesday
Why Not to Send a Comedian Hate Mail
Killer Numbers and Death Phones
Happy Alaska Day!
Nabisco hearts anal!
Nana Puddin'
October 19 - Wednesday
How to tie a bow-tie
Robot Party!
"Divine intervention"
Hot Immigrant Action!!
Quiet Depravity
A Real Life Mr. Hankey
Best Novels of the Last 82 Years
October 20 - Thursday
Ambrosia v. Pablo Cruise
Hot Norwegian Aerial Plow Art!
The World's Scariest Animal Relationships
Puppet Beowulf
I want a curry and rice girl
You Are the Best Governor Ever!
October 21 - Friday
Retro Cellphone Headset
Monster! Flash Drive!
The Pony Project
October 22 - Saturday
The most useful Firefox extension ever
Tom DeLay Mug Shot
Not to judge, but 16 kids? Stop already.
New York Changing
October 23 - Sunday
the inside of ryan's brain
October 24 - Monday
If there's no map..
The Mp3 Experiment 2.0
Build your own lunar module for only 10 cents!
October 25 - Tuesday
Ho-Lee Crap
October 26 - Wednesday
Where are you?
Chinese backstreet boys
Fun With Scooter
October 27 - Thursday
If I dig a very deep hole...
TV really really sucks.
Poor Harriet
What hath Fitty wrought?
The purpose of my roommate is to flip out and kill people
Yoda Dancing
Graham Barker's Navel Fluff Page
Gift ideas for Rove and Libby
More Harriet Miers!
'Intelligent Falling' Theory
October 28 - Friday
Found Photos from Old Cameras
Good Smell Perplexes New Yorkers
Things In Rubbers
George Takei, 'Trek's' Sulu: I'm Gay
October 29 - Saturday
Ad-Free Portal
The great molasses flood of 1919
October 30 - Sunday
Old maids, widows, and ugly women over 18 need not respond
October 31 - Monday
K-Tel Classics
Rebels seek catchy new anthem..
Lone Star Statements, by Matthew Baldwin
build your own robot from scap computers
I [heart] this too.
Aiyeee! It's the Captain!