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October 2006
October 1 - Sunday
Smith Street Shooty & Stabby
October 2 - Monday
Oh, Angry Teens
Katie's Revenge
Christian Coalition of America + sexual predators
October 3 - Tuesday
Kill Mosquitoes
Darlin dont you go and cut your hair
The AV Geeks on WFMU
Miniature Earth
Foley's Exchange With Underage Page
October 4 - Wednesday
The Pony Google Gadget
Slime-Ridin' Snail-Bot Colonoscopy Robot
Fox News: Mark Foley is not a republican
Don't Hassel the Hoff
October 5 - Thursday
Mark Foley thinks it's vile
40 years of tripping on LSD
Tom Reynolds loves kids
Inspired by Scooby Doo
October 6 - Friday
Apex fire spreads toxic gas
Books as Shelves
Iggy Pop's Tour Rider: LOL!!!1!!
October 8 - Sunday
Bear v. Cougar
October 9 - Monday
Lego Ice Cubes
Carl + Richard = BFF
October 10 - Tuesday
Eat like a snake
Sweet-ass Lightning Photo
Indian Thriller
I love me some Megger pixels
This (Cheap) American Life
Sports Bloopers -- NES Style
You're going to hell
October 11 - Wednesday
Gone Daddy Gone
Can These Movies Make You a Conservative?
Aircraft crashes into New York building
October 12 - Thursday
Wine? Woot? Woot!
Album Covers! Animated!
Bush: 'Cut and run' rhetoric result of less 'sophisticated vocabulary
Quentin Tarantino + Robert Rodriguez do Grind House
October 13 - Friday
Recap of the 24 Hours of LeMons
2006's Greatest Hits Albums
What we are
October 16 - Monday
Controlling Pigeons
The phenomenon of internet
Don't let the bedbugs bite
In honor of CBGBs
Everybody's Tryin' To Make A Dollar Off The T
October 17 - Tuesday
More Important News about This American Life
Torch Thong
Bill Murray came to my party
Wizard Rock Resource
Condos of the Living Dead
New Words: defined
October 18 - Wednesday
Rob Corddry: Suicide Girl
The Pitchfork Media Drinking Game
Rick Santorum thinks he's on the side of good
The Sound of Dead Rabbits
Vernon Robinson is obsessed with sex
We're failing.
Humanity to evolve 'goblin' underclass
October 19 - Thursday
CBGBs: The Next Generation
Happy Birthday to this dog
October 20 - Friday
The Tate Slides
God wanted me to drive naked
Halloween or Election? GOP set to scare your family
Happy Halloween - Love, Jack Chick
God's Favorite Word
Spiderman and *Friend*
October 23 - Monday
Buy (Red) for more (Green)
Six Million Dollar Man vs. Bigfoot
Republican Party: Devil! Devil! Devil!
October 24 - Tuesday
Neckface designing vans
Hell House comes to Brooklyn
Smallest. Horse. Ever.
the Google is on the Internets
October 25 - Wednesday
Songs about Zombies!
This Nasty Old House
Jay-Z Marketing Fake-Ass Champagne
Courtney Love = Bob Dylan
Chuck Norris, freaking me out
white and nerdy
October 26 - Thursday
Jack Handey goes to hell
Full Metal Jackass
October 27 - Friday
Why Do You Think You Are Nuts?
Deep Fried Pizza
October 28 - Saturday
The 411 on sleazy law-enforcement solicitations
October 29 - Sunday
Sexy Girl Halloween Costume Warehouse
Alligator Head Large Magnet
October 30 - Monday
I want bleachers for Christmas
Buy Me! No, Really.
Most "2006" Halloween Costume
And then there's this:
October 31 - Tuesday
The car that parks itself
Past Halloweens on Flickr
Item Removed
Dominos Brooklyn Style Pizza