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October 2008
October 1 - Wednesday
Scammed on Craigslist: uses nine iron to get money back
Japanese scarecrows
401-Keg investments
What is RUM on a computer?
Police expect house cat, get cougar
Woman Wearing Cow Suit Arrested - :: Cincinnati news story :: LOCAL 12 WKRC-TV in Cincinnati
October 2 - Thursday
Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama
Palin Bingo
Boner Party
Voting info on your phone
Party Crasher: Priyantha Silva
Notes from High School
October 3 - Friday
Google 2001
Torture v. Shooting His Friend In The Face
Pug falling asleep
What is it?
October 4 - Saturday
Sarah Palin's Facebook Page
October 5 - Sunday
Google Maps: NYC transit directions!
John McCain, WTF?
October 6 - Monday
Microwaved Chicken Isn't Necessarily Cooked Chicken
People who believe in God are more helpful
Rick Bayless: A Meal Fit For A Candidate
The Onion - 1783 archives
The Residents: School Photo
October 7 - Tuesday
A candle for kitty
Bank robber hires decoys on Craigslist
Just who are the Mavericks anyway?
That One
Cow: Fail
October 8 - Wednesday
The Weather Underground: A Look Back
The latest (mis)adventures of Jerome Corsi
Sidehacking Terminology
The Sidehackers
Best Book Cover Ever: The Goats
October 9 - Thursday
Bobby May, McCain Campaign Chair Writes Racist Editorial
Undecided Voters, aka 'The Stupids'
Camaro Ordering Book "Leaked"
McCain not my hero
George F. Will - McCain in a Bear Market
Iceland is all but officially bankrupt
Sad Guys on Trading Floors
October 10 - Friday
Blue Screen of Death in unexpected locations
Osama bin Laden's Plan to Bankrupt America Going Pretty Well These Days
Putin gets tiger cub for his birthday
October 11 - Saturday
A video...
October 12 - Sunday
Let's All Move to Canada
October 13 - Monday
Happy Thanksgiving!
Skeptico reviews Religulous
Teen Read Week 2008
Happy Columbus Day!
That Guy
Columbus in Postcards
Aryan Outfitters
SCARY HAlloween costumes!
October 14 - Tuesday
John McCain Parking Lot
Acorn Fires Back at McCain
ACORN to McCain: Have You Lost That Loving Feeling?
Florida keeping it classy part II: Sex Scandal Shakes Race for Congress
Memory Cloud
He associates with terrorists!
October 15 - Wednesday
2004: What if Bush Wins?
Hope: Nope. Dope. Pope.
Mark Wahlberg doesn't really like 'Mark Wahlberg talks to animals'
October 16 - Thursday
Vandalism in Toronto Injects Eerie Chill Into Campaign
Drunk pony rescued from swimming pool
Cat Annoys Sleeper All Night Long
Palin as President
Who is Joe the Plumber?
Joe the Plumber isn't registered to vote.
Debate Fallacy Bingo
October 17 - Friday
Obama: Little Beach
David Letterman: John McCain visits
David Lynch Boner Party
what's wrong with this picture
The 10 Biggest Differences Between Obama and McCain
Alfred E. Smith Dinner: Obama zings McCain
October 19 - Sunday
Obama 'humbled' by Powell support
October 20 - Monday
Hot Cat Show Action
The First Dude is a douche
A House Optimized for Kittehs
The ugliness of the Republican Party
Free Bacon
October 21 - Tuesday
National Character Counts Week
Obama's tutu
Guide to Scary Photo Pumpkins
The Real Plumbers of Ohio
Alec Baldwin: Palin on SNL: What Did You Expect?
You're over-hyped Sarah
India launches first Moon mission
October 22 - Wednesday
RIP: Dolemite
Brian Huskey on the Worst Week
How to sync an iPhone with two (or more) Computers
Real Americans!
Astonishing UI
NYC Board of Elections: Inactive voters
October 23 - Thursday
Android Market
NY Voters: Make sure you are active!
McCain agrees with Obama
Terry Tate: Reading Is Fundamental
Ron Howard's Call To Action
October 24 - Friday
GWB endorses Palin + McCain
Great Pupkin Dog Costume Contest.
October 25 - Saturday
Hot Chicks with Douchebags: The Lawsuit
Woman admits making up McCain sticker attack
Best Electoral Map Ever
CBC Radio 3 - Genevieve Rainey
Rock, er, screw-up the Vote
October 26 - Sunday
Girls say yes
Amy Poehler Has Baby Boy: Archie
Anchorage Daily News Endorses Obama
Zombies pose no threat at Palin event
October 27 - Monday
The goat is on a pole!
Guard Goat Butts Police
Gothamist: Rob Corddry, Comedian
Scape Goat!
October 28 - Tuesday
The Pony eReader
Introducing Google Earth for iPhone
Dozens Of McCain Call Center Workers Walk Off Job In Protest
October 29 - Wednesday
He-cat or she-cat?
Zima: Discontinued
I Want My MTV
Election 2008: Greatest Hits!
October 30 - Thursday
Swimming naked in the Imperial Palace moat
Top 10 Redonk Election Quotes as told by kittens
Chef secrets...spilled!
War of the Worlds: 50 70 years ago
$25 and Under - Downtown Sandwich Spots
Halloween Costume ideas for Internet Nerds
Best News Story Comment: Could you guys, like, stop killing us?
Sign battle starts with a zzzzzzzt!
AT&T Wi-Fi Free for iPhone
October 31 - Friday
Synchronized Presidential Debating
I can haz Halloween bukket?
I need some breakin' shoes
Shocking campaign sign