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October 2009
October 1 - Thursday
Impersonating foreign musicians
Wedding Invite: The Best Ever?
Are The Obamas Out Of Touch With The Average Miserable American Family?
October 2 - Friday
Downtown Brooklyn: The crimiest
Your head is delicious
The Hole
The Center for Consumer Freedom: The mouthpiece of the soda industry
David Letterman's Sex Scandal Full Confession
October 3 - Saturday
Hulu - Jimmy Kimmel Live: Obama On Auto-Tune
October 5 - Monday
Birds don't like shiny objects
Brooklyn: More Lobster Rolls
Throw it on the Ground
The Foodiots
The Politics of Spite
Ice Cube
Conservative Bible Project
October 6 - Tuesday
Ben and Joanna's Wedding Slideshow
Wedding Diapers
Frozen Hamburgers? Nasty.
The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook feed
Invisible Dogs (The official post)
Giant squid caught alive off coast of Louisiana
October 7 - Wednesday
Ralph Lauren is stupid.
The Ed Hardy Boyz
October 8 - Thursday
It's not jackie chan!
Adventures in South Africa
Star Wars: Uncut
October 9 - Friday
Three Wolf Moon shirt on The Office
Winning the War on the Moon
Regretsy: The worst of
Tracy Morgan on Twitter
Happy Birthday Bo
October 10 - Saturday
Alligator in pond bites off part of golfer's arm
Slim Thug Feels the Recession
The Secrets of Llap Goch
Raven Detained for Stalking Woman Escapes Police
David Boreanaz kills squirrels
October 11 - Sunday
Cheezburger Makes Money
Mexican Coke + Jamie Oliver + The Dog Whisperer
October 12 - Monday
Sea salt vs. table salt: Which is healthier?
Deciphering German wine labels
Happy Health and Sports Day
CIFF 2009: All our capsule reviews
Is my head of state hot?
Has a sad
October 13 - Tuesday
The hula hoop of the jet generation
3rd Yo Gabba Gabba show added @ Beacon Theatre
October 14 - Wednesday
Dyson launches the bladeless electric fan
Christians are ruining marriage
Our Top 10 Favorite Halloween Cakes
I can't stop apping!
Majority Of Parents Abuse Children
3624 Myrtle Ave, Long Beach, CA, 90807
Ralph Stanley - Still Telling, and Singing, Mountain Tales
Daily Dose Pick: Daniel Johnston
Swine flu rumors and fears : The New Yorker
Booklist Online - Top 10 First Novels: 2009
October 15 - Thursday
If God Had Wanted Me To Be Accepting Of Gays...
Hats for cats and mittens for kittens
An Apology Letter to our Jersey City Restaurant Customers
Republican Site Crashes
Meeting Murder Mystery from FOD Team - Video
October 16 - Friday
Betting against America
Mice Playing Quake
Pete (SpareMeBones): King of Comedy
David Hockney's Long Road From Los Angeles to Yorkshire
Street View Trike
UNC: The MP3 Experiment comes to campus!
30 Republicans Voted Against Franken Rape Amendment
Stray Questions for: Michelle Wildgen - Paper Cuts Blog -
October 18 - Sunday
Cherrypicking Illustrated: Leviticus also forbids tattooing
October 19 - Monday
Grocery Store Musical
VIDEO: Eminem's "Without ME" in Klingon
October 20 - Tuesday
Motorola Droid vs. iPhone 3GS
October 21 - Wednesday
Voting Machines: Fail
That Crazy Fan
Facebook, MySpace Divide Along Social Lines
October 22 - Thursday
Held by the Taliban - A Times Reporter's Account
It's Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfckers.
Held by the Taliban: A Rope and a Prayer
Windows 7 Cleans Up a Misstep
Brooklyn Industries
October 23 - Friday
Women of the future will be shorter, fatter and healthier
20 questions for Aziz Ansari
The Paul Lynde Halloween Special
Hotdogs: the Montreal and New York taste test
Straight outta locash
Horribly Injured Americans Against Obamacare
Daily Dose Pick: Captured
October 24 - Saturday
In Yemen a mysterious war
October 25 - Sunday
Happy World Pasta Day
Man Ordering Food Called a Zombie, Punched Twice
October 26 - Monday
When Is Daylight Saving Time? Not Yet.
GeoCities: Rest in Peace
ABCs Nightline coverage into Scientology
Scientology vs. "Actual" Religions
I will not be wearing a bunny costume at the WFMU Record Fair DJ Petting Zoo
October 27 - Tuesday
NTSB Advisory on Flight 188 That Overflew Minneapolis Airport
Once in Wakiki
Skull of huge sea monster found
Church of Scientology Convicted of Fraud in France
Tracy Morgan On Being 'The New Black'
Easy Poet Costume Ideas - - Poetry, Poems, Bios & More
October 28 - Wednesday
Dogs funnier than cats
Scientology Losing Ground To New Fictionology
Riding With the Oldies-Singing Williamsburg Subaru Driver
Arnold to SF: F- You
October 29 - Thursday
Bill Thompson: Not a fan of bike lanes?
Squeak the Squirrel
United Homeless Organization Gets Shamed
Google Maps Navigation Launch Aftermath
The Danger of Celebrating Halloween
October 30 - Friday
I always keep sex toys in the car just in case
Create your own talk show
That there is one handsome gorilla
The Most Inappropriate Halloween Costumes Possible
This man makes Brooklyn's best chili
Clothing for Werewolves
Lazy Man Costumes: Don Draper
Science Made Easy
October 31 - Saturday
Skeptic's Annotated Bible
Do they know it's hallowe'en
Pumpkin Crazy!
Picking a Genre for Your Next Novel