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November 2004
November 1 - Monday
UNC-Charlotte and American Idol
happyrobot's own Raquel joins the International Media
It's all about football
2004 Electoral Vote Tracker
November 2 - Tuesday
A Democrat's Guide to Election Day, 2004
Hello Kitty 25' Airstream Trailer
November 3 - Wednesday
That blue robot gets around
Death is result of debate about God
Pirates and Blood Sucking Monkeys
Build Your Own Batphone
Meet your new president
November 4 - Thursday
Christians for Kerry
Come bite me! Jesus will save you!
Arafat reported dead
Tiki Head Tissue Box Cover
Let's SO Bring it...on down
iPod cozies and battery packs
Vatican Sex Guide
Ten Steps For Taking Back The Country
November 5 - Friday
20 reasons you shouldn't post your pic on the internet
The Klutch.xls random mix cd swap gallery
Today is Best of Craigslist Day
You Think You Work Hard?
Apologize To the World
One Nation, Under Gods
November 6 - Saturday
Pig Parts: The Arizona State Fair 2004
The Postal Service meets The Postal Service
November 8 - Monday
We accept no monkeys
Let's Go Ivory Coast
Grey is the New Black
Dio to Take Short Break
We are determined to clean Fallujah of terrorists
Students are smart
November 9 - Tuesday
Turn Your Back On Bush
Profile: Suha Arafat
All your Old People Stereotypes Confirmed
Global Warming Exposes Arctic to Oil Drilling
Why Americans Hate Democrats
I concede that I overestimated the intelligence of the American people
him name is hopkin green frog
Damn, All the Good Stories Got Lost During the Election Brouhaha!
November 10 - Wednesday
dear world, we're sorry
What do we talk about when we talk about wine?
The Sweater Project
101 years in 101 words
The South Rises From the Grave!
Mullet Hunting Is So Boring
What Kind of Dildo Doesn't Want A Free Dildo?
Who Needs A Stuffed Animal When You Can Win Neurosis!
Palestinian Leader Arafat Dies at 75
November 11 - Thursday
Grill Skill: A Wendy's Training Video
Need a place for your pineapple?
Dr. W. David Hager and the FDA
Bad Vodka + Brita Filter = Good Vodka
It's that time of year again...
Hey, Torture Guy Come Over Here
November 12 - Friday
"Green Flugelhorn with Three Blue Nudes"
Pretty girls don't ride the subway
Team Zissou
Inside the Election Fraud Battle
Mr. T and Me
The Case That Would Never End Ends
The American Covenant
November 13 - Saturday
I want to dress in Bible-Approved Underwear?
November 14 - Sunday
November 15 - Monday
Colin Powell Resigns
Clinton Mecca
We're NOT sorry
Border Guards find girl smuggled in pinata
I-69 button makes teens snicker
fun comics
Burn Your Kiddies At The Stake and God Will Forgive You For Your Mistake
Dancing Citroen Robot Car
Trade Your Ashlee CDs For Real Music
Fallujah In Pictures
November 16 - Tuesday
700 Kilos of Cocaine Found Inside Giant Squid
Sons of The Sports Guy
Watch out, nerds!
Stabbing At VIBE Awards
Old World vs. New World wines
Go Ahead and Jump! David Lee Roth To The Rescue!
Worst. Superman. Comics. Ever.
Robot walking around the city
Virgin Grilled Cheese
November 17 - Wednesday
Where do baby carrots come from?
Occupation: professional shoplifter
The Powell Boy Needs To Remove That Stick From His Heiney
Turkey Cola
They Still Like Us Over There... Sorta
November 18 - Thursday
Mach 10, Bitches!
Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrive!!
Top 20 stupid client quotes
Pledge Drive for Patty
sneaky ebayer
It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Cow!
sacre bleu!
November 19 - Friday
Design your own teen phone
indie rock hair
attention squid enthusiasts
Taste the 90's
Faux Fin For Flipper!
Wednesday is Camo Day
The Man Got Vanilla Ice's Goat
November 20 - Saturday
Friday night's NBA brawl video
Target Offers Anal Massages
Why we won't be flying scramjets anytime soon.
November 21 - Sunday
Tyson, the Skateboarding Bulldog
November 22 - Monday
Chile doesn't like metal detectors
Doze Nutz
The Worst Jobs in Science
London's Wine Tower
November 23 - Tuesday
Transmythotaxonomic Evangelism
Bobby the dog enjoys the snow
Testing the limits of love
The 80s Tarot Deck
Voted for 'Values' but still like their TV sin
dolphins rock!
FCC: The masses have spoken - all three of them.
Osbourne's Family Jewels Stolen!
Secret history of the credit card
November 25 - Thursday
Southern Writer Larry Brown Dead at 53
Holiday Turkey
November 26 - Friday
Shop Amazon - Support happyrobot
November 27 - Saturday
It's Best of Craigslist Day!
November 28 - Sunday
My Tax Dollars are helping Country Music
Clear Channel: George Bush, Our Leader
Monkey Festival!
November 29 - Monday
Polka: Letter to President Clinton
Haggar Slacks - Down where your nuts hang
November 30 - Tuesday
Brooklyn Daily Eagle Online 1841-1902
Food Court Druids and Cherohonkees
Harvard: We Suck
The future of music...
All I Want For Xmas Is A Bunch of Gold Teeth
Your Friends and Family Might Be Mixed Up
Another Schmuck Jumps The USS Bush