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November 2005
November 1 - Tuesday
Bluebirds Over Baghdad
The Dish on the Bushes
Michelin's 1st Ratings of N.Y. Dining
dawn of the knitted dead
November 2 - Wednesday
My Halloween History
Holy iPod Shuffle!
Wanna See My Butterstick?
Vote for the "Rent is too damn high" Party
Pocket Mod
November 3 - Thursday
Good relations with the wookies he has
California Rhone Blends Rock
Scooter's Sex Shocker
Knowing is half the battle - overdubbed.
Good relations with Cookiees, we has
He Man does 4-non-blondes
November 4 - Friday
Youths Riot in Paris Projects
November 5 - Saturday
I love that big pink bunny with his guts all hanging out
We really gotta get that Osama guy
Surreal Celebrity Dolls
November 6 - Sunday
Modern Pirates in Africa
Reasonable Catholics
Polar Bears and 26.2 Unbearable Miles
he dances, now raps - k-fed will be a triple threat.
November 7 - Monday
Sony's retarded DRM software
Hipster Tee Shirt Generator
November 8 - Tuesday
Puggle. Puppy.
Summary of this month's American Press
Google Print
Death by Caffeine
The backbone of the Internets
Mayor Bloomberg easily re-elected
November 9 - Wednesday
Glue sniffing + Models = Sad Neighborhood
British reporters get a taste of San Francisco life
Drunken Hamlet
Cryptofacist Music for the 21st Century
Sarah Silverman on Fresh Air
I Had a Creepy Feeling All Day
White House Ethics Workshop
US uses "phosphorous white man"
NYU Graduate Assistants Go On Strike!
November 10 - Thursday
The perfect gift: Robot Chimpanzee
If dinosaurs could talk!
No friggin' Yellowtail here
Google Maps Risk
New Notes from Harriet to George
Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States
Frist concerned more about leaks than secret prisons
Pat Robertson does it again!
November 11 - Friday
Hilarious Sony CD User Agreement
Speed Thrills
Tinfoil only good for leftovers
'Pump up the volume' was real!!
Creepily Seeking Kate
November 12 - Saturday
Arrested Development Arrested
November 14 - Monday
Hello Hamdog
Jesus is Magic - Ebert 1.5 stars
They are Dark-Sided!
How many lawyers?
MySpace Awful Haircut Contest
November 15 - Tuesday
The Worst Record Covers of All Time
If The Hamdog Doesn't Kill You
Bird nearly ruins dominoes record attempt
No More Product Placement!
Calcutta patient victim of eye-eating ants
November 16 - Wednesday
Paris has a monkey?
Hello Library Thing
My Lobotomy: Howard Dully's Journey
November 17 - Thursday
Mom Makes Teen Stand on Street With Sign
Charm The Pants Off Any Woman!
Touchdown Jesus!
November 18 - Friday
Hot Dog Soup
p30pl3 r st00pid
That time of the year: Beaujolais Nouveau
Dear The Drunk Couple next door @ 4am
Weight Watchers recipe cards, circa 1974
November 19 - Saturday
Canceling Dish Network - fun!
NYC Subway Flash Overlay for Google Maps
November 20 - Sunday
1979 Sears Wishbook
November 21 - Monday
Save Our Bluths
Ah, "exit strategy" puns
Arnold In Brazil
November 22 - Tuesday
Mister Chen is Outstanding
Is He Cute or Is He British?
Infiltrating the Promise Keepers.
November 23 - Wednesday
I want this alarm clock
Shades of Reagan
China? Environmental Disaster? No, really?
Fish slapping dance
Suburban Kids with Biblical Names
November 24 - Thursday
Be careful with that Turkey Fryer
For the thanksgiving cynic in you...
Sam, World's Ugliest Dog, Passes Away at 14
November 25 - Friday
Anything More Stupid Than TV News?
The Proper Words Song
find a human
November 26 - Saturday
worst online personals ever
Gothamist Maps
November 28 - Monday
Does Turkey Make You Sleepy?
Large Breasted Skank Music For Beer Commercials
Seona Dancing
November 29 - Tuesday
Attn: Stulhu
The Alien didn't probe you - it was Mom
NYT: 100 Notable Books of 2005
Your new handheld portable unit
50 Cent is a dildo
Ashcroft & Bacon Gospel Album
Cap'n Jack Sparrow...
DJ Rich Buchanan?
November 30 - Wednesday
Oh Blair
Not-so-Petty cash to rock bat mit
Wal-Mart and Healthcare