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November 2006
November 1 - Wednesday
¡Borat explica la cultura de America en Kazajstan!
How much money do you spend?
Look out!
How much of our money is in your pocket?
November 2 - Thursday
How much money is there?
Where will all of the cassette tapes go?
Embedded @ SNL
November 3 - Friday
Super Creepy Divine Dummies
Yoink! - Best Midterm Election Ever
November 4 - Saturday
Robot loses Robot Dance
Cloaca Machines
November 5 - Sunday
November 6 - Monday
Time to roll up your sleeves
Ted Haggard's letter of apology
Intrepid Stuck in Mud
No horse on map
November 7 - Tuesday
Stitch 'dem pitchers
Robo Calls - Giving Robots a Bad Name
How to wake up by 6:30am
The Wisdom Of Roger Clark
November 8 - Wednesday
i lament, and it only beginneth.
I add up to a Republican Senate and Republican House
K-Fed Single
Santorum Single
Rumsfeld Single
November 9 - Thursday
Sunday Magazine
RIP Ed Bradley
November 10 - Friday
Can you tone down the jewish-ness?
Robots: Humans taste like bacon
Friday is Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts Day
Saturday: Corduroy Appreciation Club Meeting
Cumming First United Methodist Church
November 11 - Saturday
Jack Palance is gone.
The Zune: IPod It's Not
November 13 - Monday
I'm a Mac (in Japan)
Brooklyn Style Pizza in Brooklyn
Who Wants to Be a Cognitive Neuroscientist Millionaire?
Them funny LOLCats
November 14 - Tuesday
Robot having twins?!
My new hobby: Kite Aerial Photography?
Ten Worst Automobiles Today
Don't Take Your Ones to Town
Go-Anywhere Tripod
November 15 - Wednesday
Who cares about an MP3 player?
The first photo from outer space
Will It Blend?
November 16 - Thursday
The sexy daily lives of Americans
Prank calls from Google Maps
What Goes With Turkey Again?
Ann P. Smith's Robots.
How to tell if you are Details reader
Le beaujolais nouveau est arrivé
It's almost not worth the effort of laughing
November 17 - Friday
Please drink the power of Jesus responsibly
Licking the new MacBook Pro
Mondays are good in China
November 19 - Sunday
See you in hell Blockbuster
It's Holiday Shopping Time!
November 20 - Monday
Girls. Singing in French.
Turkey Week: Turkeys on Flickr
Jerry stick a fork in me... I'm Racist!
Superman & Spider Girl
November 21 - Tuesday
Kramer apologizes on Letterman
Turkey Week: Make your own turkey ringtone!
Faux Ben Folds
Robert Altman -- Dead
For Your Thanksgiving Viewing Pleasure
Gay marriage recognized in Israel
November 22 - Wednesday
Turkey Week: Turkeys Rule! Eagles Drool!
The search for khat in NYC
Kramer. In Blackface.
November 24 - Friday
Most used cameras on Flickr
Borat Sign Generator
November 28 - Tuesday
Libertad para Quebec
The Pitchfork! The!
noodles too hot?
November 29 - Wednesday
Pixies: New Record
Shorty webcam tigers, yo
Lamest fight scenes ever
Drink More Rye!
November 30 - Thursday
Borat DVD Extras
Kevin said he was way ups into shorty tigers, yo!